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Meross Smart Door and Window Sensor Review

Meross is one of those companies that may not be a household name in smart home tech, but you should get to know them. Its portfolio is consistently great performers for prices that won’t break your wallet. I’ve accumulated multiple Meross devices and have become a big fan.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been testing the latest addition to the field for Meross with the MS200 smart door and window sensor.


The Meross MS200 smart home and window sensor is self-explanatory. The sensor comes in two portions in a rounded rectangular design for each. The sensors look similar to pebble stones covered in white soft-touch plastic.

As this is Meross dipping its toes into the home security market, if you’ve had a history with any other window and door sensors, the MS200 will be familiar. The smaller portion is mounted via 3M taped backing to the stationary portion of the entry like the door frame. Then, the larger portion of the MS200 is mounted to the door itself.

Performance and app

To get started you want to fire up the Meross app, or if you prefer Apple Home as an iOS user, you can use HomeKit. Either setup takes just a few minutes to get the included WiFi bridge that links the MS200 sensors to your software suite.

I utilized both options and had zero issues. Whether following the syncing instructions on the Meross app, or the quick scan in Apple Home of the QR code, I was up and running with minimal input. Meross really sets itself apart with cross-platform support and a clean setup interface for onboarding.

After you add the Meross MS200 to your accounts, you can easily monitor and control notifications from the preferred Meross or Apple Home apps. You can see a history of logged opens and closes of the entry sensor and that’s about it.

One thing you can do is link routines to existing Meross devices. This is a great way to increase the functionality of something as simple as the MS200 window and door sensor. I’ve set mine to turn on my living room Meross smart bulbs as I enter my front door.

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Meross has nailed the simplicity of both the app and functions of the MS200 window and door sensor. Paired with the WiFi bridge, this is one of the easiest ways to add rudimentary monitoring to a door, windows, or even desk drawer. Add the additional routines playing nice with existing Meross devices and you have a real winning combination.

Pricing is easy as well with the MS200 sensor only costing $30. If you don’t need a full alarm system and want to monitor things around the home, this is a great hybrid option to give you that piece of mind. Hit our link below and use the code: androidguys10 for an additional 10% off on us.

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