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Future ‘iPhone Ultra’ Model Could Capture Spatial Photos and Videos for Vision Pro Headset

A future “iPhone Ultra” model could capture spatial photos and videos to be displayed in Apple’s Vision Pro headset, according to a rumor shared by a Weibo account with a proven track record for disclosing accurate information about Apple’s plans.

The camera configuration of a future “‌iPhone Ultra‌” model released after the launch of the Vision Pro headset will reportedly “lead the market to rethink what kind of photos and videos a mobile phone should take.” It seems highly likely that the information refers to the capture of spatial photos and videos, a unique feature of the Vision Pro that uses outward-facing cameras to record immersive 3D content.

Spatial videos and photos are designed to have “incredible depth,” according to Apple, allowing the user to “see into a moment.” Apple says that the feature is designed to allow users to relive their memories like never before. From Apple’s press release announcing the Vision Pro headset:

Featuring Apple’s first three-dimensional camera, Apple Vision Pro lets users capture, relive, and immerse themselves in favorite memories with Spatial Audio. Every spatial photo and video transports users back to a moment in time, like a celebration with friends or a special family gathering. Users can access their entire photo library on iCloud, and view their photos and videos at a life-size scale with brilliant color and spectacular detail.

Standard photos and videos from an iPhone or another device can still be viewed on the headset, but the 3D images and videos are considerably more immersive and can only be captured using a Vision Pro itself. The feature is so central to the Vision Pro experience that the device has a dedicated mechanical button on the top to activate it.

Spatial video playback in visionOS.

In light of the latest rumor, it seems possible that this “three-dimensional camera” could be headed to the ‌iPhone‌, likely adding further hardware to the existing rear camera configuration that consists of a main wide camera, telephoto camera, ultra wide camera, LiDAR scanner, and Adaptive True Tone flash. The Weibo user cautioned that additional information about the new ‌iPhone‌ capability is currently incomplete, suggesting that there may be more to follow.

It is also worth noting that the “‌iPhone Ultra‌” moniker has been frequently used across Chinese social media platforms when discussing a future “Pro Max” model following rumors that Apple was planning to rename the device earlier this year. The change is no longer expected to occur this year, but according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple could release a new high-end device called the “‌iPhone Ultra‌,” sitting above the “Pro Max” in the lineup, as soon as next year. The Apple Vision Pro headset is set to launch in early 2024.Related Roundup: Apple Vision ProTag: iPhone UltraRelated Forum: Apple Vision Pro
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