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Best Google Pixel 7 deals: Can you get the phone for free?


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The Google Pixel 7 is a pretty great phone thanks to its superb camera, long battery life, and eye-catching design. We recommend it for many people so why not buy it for less than its MSRP? Below, we’ve picked out all the best Google Pixel 7 deals going on right now across many different retailers, and cell phone networks, saving you the time to do so yourself. Keen to learn more? Let’s get straight to it and take a look at how you can get one of the best Android phones for less.

Google Pixel 7 deals at Amazon

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Over at Amazon, you can buy the Google Pixel 7 for $494 saving $105 off the regular price of $599. The price alternates by a couple of bucks depending on which color you want but as standard, you get 128GB of storage space in all cases.

Google Pixel 7 deals at Verizon

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With the right trade-in, you can avoid paying a dime for the Google Pixel 7. That also depends on the plan you choose with Verizon offering many different configurations. Up to $540 trade-in is achievable at Verizon depending on the phone you’re trading in, while there are many other offers such as smartwatch deals and cheaper earbuds depending on what you choose.


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Even better Google Pixel 7 deals are available for existing Verizon customers who qualify for an upgrade.

Google Pixel 7 deals at Xfinity Mobile


Xfinity Mobile currently has $200 off both the 128GB and 256GB models of the Google Pixel 7. It’s possible to buy it outright for a one-off fee, or you can pay $16 per month for the 128GB model or $20 for the 256GB variety. Xfinity Mobile also allows for trade-ins so you could end up paying nothing for the phone.

Google Pixel 7 deals at AT&T

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Sign up for an AT&T deal and you can get a Google Pixel 7 for free with an eligible trade-in if your current phone is new enough. Without a trade-in, expect to pay $20 a month for the phone with AT&T plans starting from $50 a month. Unlimited plans begin at $65 a month.

Google Pixel 7 deals at Backmarket

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If you want to buy your Google Pixel 7 outright, consider Backmarket. The retailer exclusively sells refurbished stock so this Google Pixel 7 has previously been owned. However, it’s been extensively refurbished so it’s as new and it comes with a one-year warranty so it’s just like buying a new one. It’s available for as little as $346 for one in fair condition or you can pay $366 for good condition or $399 for excellent condition.

Should you buy the Google Pixel 7?

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The Google Pixel 7 is a pretty good Android phone for the price, packing in a lot of key features. It’s the kind of phone that’s well-suited for someone who wants a general all-rounder without paying a fortune. As a Google phone, it’s well optimized for Android use with Google’s Tensor G2 processor powering proceedings. It’s reliable even if it isn’t the best for games playing. Still, it feels more expensive than the price tag and it has a great set of cameras including a 50MP f/1.9 aperture main camera and a 12MP f/2.2 wide-angle lens with a 114-degree field-of-view. It produces sharp imagery that you’ll be more than happy with.

There’s also the delight of its 6.3-inch AMOLED screen with 90Hz refresh rate and 2400 x 1080 resolution, plus it’s HDR10+ certified. Just what you want when streaming your favorite shows.

Overall, the Google Pixel 7 is great for entertaining you on your commute while also being reliable all day long. If you’re looking for a mid-range phone that will keep up with you, this is a great bet, especially while there are some excellent Google Pixel 7 deals around.

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