Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Apple to Ramp Up Generative AI Research With New Hires and Investment


Apple wants to hire more staff to work on artificial intelligence in the United Kingdom, CEO Tim Cook today said (via BBC News).

Cook reaffirmed that Apple is actively researching generative AI technology, and said that he expects Apple’s investment in the UK and AI to increase. He also highlighted how AI is already behind several features on Apple devices, such as Fall Detection, Crash Detection, and iOS 17’s predictive autocorrect.

Apple is believed to now be spending millions of dollars a day on conversational AI research. The company is reportedly working on a chatbot tool that some engineers have dubbed “Apple GPT” to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Cook is currently visiting the UK following trips to several other countries in Europe. Yesterday, he visited St. Mary’s Primary School and Apple’s new store in Battersea Power Station. Earlier today, he met the Prince and Princess of Wales.

It was a true honor to meet with the Prince and Princess of Wales. We had a wonderful and wide-ranging discussion about the environment, mental health, and other issues that mean a great deal to all of us. pic.twitter.com/QGVmxo9Qa5

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) September 29, 2023

The move to hire more staff appears to come in contrast to widespread redundancies at big tech companies. Yesterday, it emerged that Epic Games is laying off over 800 employees.Tags: Tim Cook, United Kingdom, Artificial Intelligence, AppleGPT
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