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Apple just announced the iPhone 15 Pro. Was it worth the wait?

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A stylized Apple logo on a black background for Apple's Peek Performance event on March 8, 2022.

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It’s the dawn of a new era for Apple smartphones, and heralding the change are Apple’s latest flagships, the iPhone 15 Pro and its 15 Pro Max variant. These two phones get a blazing-fast processor, a switch to more premium materials, and — above all — a USB-C port instead of the usual Lightning connector.

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It’s disappointing to see that Apple’s September 2023 event didn’t bear witness to a major iPhone redesign, but this time, it appears that Apple wants to focus more on internal upgrades than aesthetics.

Apple has ditched stainless steel in favor of Titanium for the Pro models, which is lighter, but sturdier and more resistant to corrosive forces. The side rails are polished with a brushed finish and look stunning. Apple has also trimmed the bezels, while the innards have also been moved around to increase repairability, especially when it comes to screen repairs.


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