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Why does every business need a mobile app?

The modern digital environment consists of many communication channels – websites, mobile applications, marketplaces, social networks. For a business to operate effectively, it needs to be present where the customers are.

What are mobile apps capable of?

A mobile application is able to distinguish a business from its competitors, who still use the “traditional” methods of promoting their goods or services – advertising, SMS mailings. With the help of mobile applications, you can take communication with potential customers to a new level. The main thing is to contact professionals using the site https://keenethics.com/. This is the only way to be sure of the quality of the work done.

Using such a channel, you can influence the attitude of customers towards the brand with the help of loyalty programs. A bonus or club card can always be lost or forgotten about its existence, and a smartphone is always at hand.

The presence of a mobile application also works to enhance the image. This shows customers that the company takes into account existing trends and keeps up with the times.

Mobile applications are a convenient way to work with the target audience. With their help, you can constantly keep customers up to date with the events of the company, sending out important news, regularly connecting to promotions and various marketing campaigns.

Also, applications are a great channel for interacting with the audience. With its help, you can quickly inform customers about new marketing campaigns – discounts, loyalty programs, sales, bonus programs. Thanks to this tool, you can achieve effective and constant communication with the client – after all, all your offers are literally in his pocket.

All of the above will increase your sales. Thanks to the presence of a mobile application, you can use different types of customer stimulation.

Mobile app alternative: three affordable solutions

The client does not need a mobile application, but the benefits that it can bring to him. Accepting this simple fact, you can offer your target audience other solutions:

  • adaptation of the existing site for mobile devices. With this option, if the user enters from a mobile phone, the site automatically adjusts to the resolution of the smartphone;
  • using the app builder. Such a step will make it possible to make a “boxed” application with a typical set of functions;
  • work with marketplaces. Cooperation with marketplaces is a good option for stores. It allows you to increase online sales without investing in your own project.

However, these solutions are temporary measures. All of them have significant drawbacks and significantly limit the possibilities for further development. None of these options will provide the tools to increase sales that a mobile application can offer. These options can be used until your own mobile product is ready.


Today, mobile applications are one of the most effective tools for promoting services or goods. They have a lot of advantages and are suitable for different types of business. When starting to work on an application, it is important to remember that this tool should solve specific problems for your customers and your business. It is this principle that should be guided by the creation of an application and the development of its main functions.