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The Reviews Are in for Warrior Trading


Customer and user reviews for Warrior Trading have been predominantly positive, especially concerning its educational offerings. Warrior Trading claims to teach people from beginners to experts how to day-trade the markets. The company offers these lessons and educational resources on a subscription basis. Based on the reviews we’ve read, users have been more than happy with the results. Users learn the basics of trading. They learn how to build a trading strategy. And they learn how to apply it. Whether from absolute beginners or experts who have been trading for a long time, the stories from Warrior Trading clients are many.

There are numerous testimonials from traders who have used Warrior Trading, and the consensus is that this is the place to be if you want to learn how to day trade or to try to improve your trading ability.

After 18 months of subscribing to Warrior Trading, member Steven Savage said the service was the “best investment” he ever made. “It has been life-changing for me. If you are serious about becoming a day trader, then you need the best instructor.”

Customer Cara Brown said it was the best money she had ever spent. “Seriously … I have paid for two other trading courses (one on options and another on options and equities),” and they “in no way compare” to Warrior Trading’s courses, she detailed in a TrustPilot review.

She went on to say that aspiring traders can watch a lot of YouTube videos to learn to trade, but learning to trade by watching YouTube “is a very haphazard way to set about on your trading education. There is a reason [why] educational institutions spend a great deal of time on curriculum,” she said, indicating that Warrior Trading has taken incredible care and attention to build its trading curriculum.

Reviewers are in agreement that Warrior Trading “really delivers” on its promise of showing aspiring traders the ropes of trading.

Reviewer Mocorp explained that in his experience, Warrior Trading’s teachers are experts in their respective strategies. “The best thing about Warrior Trading is that they are the real deal,” Mocorp posted. “There are so many fake people or scammers regarding day trading, and it’s nice to have honesty and transparency. I see the mentor’s losses and gains, and they explain some of the powerful emotions and how to overcome them.”

The Mentor Sessions are live and recorded meetings that go deep on the topics in Warrior’s core curriculum. These sessions cover complex subjects such as metrics and performance management, adjusting to different market conditions, risk management, scaling your trading strategy, and the finer points of technical analysis. These mentor sessions are taught by professional traders at the top of the day-trading community.

What are some testimonials from traders who have used Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading offers courses for beginners all the way up to experts. Members have access to a wide variety of courses essential to learning how to trade and read the markets; these courses are offered on a subscription model. Course content includes the basics — like how to use a trading platform and when to buy and sell — as well as advanced topics, like how to create sophisticated trading strategies, scaling your trading, and even how to manage the emotions of trading in a challenging market. 

There are also courses on how to trade in high-volatility markets and securities, as well as momentum trading (a strategy involving identifying the peak of a rising stock).

Robin Kea, new to trading, said the education they received from the entire team at Warrior Trading had been “top of class.”

“I’ve gained so much knowledge from this first year of my membership. They’re a perfect fit for my learning style and personality,” said Kea. “I love the down-to-earth approach, the transparency, and constant opportunity to better my own trading.”

A big plus for many reviewers is Warrior Trading’s simulator — an interactive platform that replicates the features and behavior of the stock market. Users set up trading accounts in the virtual environment and practice trading stocks without financial risk.

Eurico Corvacho said that using the simulator helped him learn a lot “from a technical, psychological and behavioral point of view.” It was “undoubtedly” one of the best ways to enter the stock market, Corvacho said.

At the time of writing his review, member Mike had been using the trading simulator and was overjoyed by the virtual experience.

“I used to think that trading was being able to ID chart patterns and rely on chart indicators. Now I examine the market sentiment, the daily gappers, stock type, key levels, and areas of value, then I use specific strategies to execute trades,” Mike said. Before becoming a member of Warrior Trading, the complex concepts of trading used to be foreign to him, and seemingly “out of my league. But now they’re a part of my daily routine and my daily strategy. I can’t imagine trading without this priceless knowledge.”

One reviewer nicely summed up the Warrior Trading experience that many customers have had.

“Ross [Cameron, CEO] and the Team at Warrior are the absolute best,” raved Tim. “No need to review or go with any other traders. I’ve been with Ross almost three years and will renew again … and again.”

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