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Eufy Mach V1 Ultra vacuum review


While eufy has been around for a few years, I feel most recognize the security portion of Anker’s sub-brand and perhaps overlook the home tech segment. Eufy’s home lineup includes many things but mainly consists of cleaning devices.

The latest such device is the very premium Mach V1 Ultra vacuum mop. I’ve been using this hybrid cleaner for around a month and this might be the most premium device eufy, or Anker, has ever made.


The Mach V1 lives up to the moniker and looks like a racecar or fighter plane. The angles are sleek and modern at every turn of the vacuum mop. It strikes a nice balance of modern and retro which I really like. The handle and wheel mechanisms are solid and feel sturdy to hold up to long-term usage.

Atop the handle are the show’s stars when it comes to interacting with the eufy Mach V1. This includes a button array, LED display, and trigger. This combination allows you to rotate through different cleaning profiles and power settings.

The Eco-Clean Ozone features of the machine are created by the triple-tanked system. This starts with the small cleaning solution tank on the bank. This is paired with the clean water tank on the top portion of the front of the Mach V1 Ultra. Last, the water is dumped as you clean into a large dirty tank after traveling through multiple screens and filters.


The Mach V1 profiles button is threefold. You can find your preference for Smart (automated), Suction, and Steam options. Smart is pretty self-explanatory. This allows the onboard computers and sensors to detect the need and adjust accordingly.

I’ve found this is mostly an even split between the Suction mode and wet vacuuming. For most instances, I think this is the best mode while using it for normal cleaning. The default combination of a light mop with self-drying vacuuming behind it makes for easy daily use.

Suction mode kills the mopping functions and redirects all the power to the Mach V1 vacuum. This is great for dirtier hard flooring. I’ve found this is also essential as the only mode that is meant for carpeting. Here the Suction mode allows you to clean low-pile carpet just like a normal stick vac.

The Suction in the first two modes can also be increased. Using the trigger under the handle, you can move this power mode up and down. This makes for great flexibility in those dirtier moments on hard flooring or more trafficked carpets.

My favorite function might be that the eufy Mach V1 also can be used as a steam mop delivering up to 230 degrees of SteamWave tech. Here you give the vacuum a few minutes to warm up and the LED lights on the bottom portion will pulse red to tell you it’s ready. Afterward, the cleaner works as a full-fledged steamer. Again the trigger allows you to hit stubborn spots by increasing the steam.


The eufy Mach V1 Ultra doesn’t stop at just cleaning your floors. The vacuum also cleans itself both while running and a deeper clean while charging. When using Mach V1, the machine is constantly flushing the system and cleaning the rollers to prevent recontamination of surfaces.

This constant circulation of clean water from the top tank and solutions is dumped into the gray water tank at the bottom of the vacuum. This Eco-Clean Ozone system allows for the unit to remove 99.9% of common germs and odors while being safe for pets and children.

When you place the cleaner on the charging base, it enters a deeper self-cleaning mode. Here it combines the steam function, and a roller cleaner in the base to remove leftover debris and then dry the unit. It takes some time, but I’ve found the vacuum to be fairly clean after utilizing these functions and be ready for your next use.


Seeing as the eufy Mach V1 Ultra is fully cordless, you have to consider endurance. Thankfully, the Mach V1 performs well here. eufy estimates that in mixed cleaning, the vacuum should last up to 82 minutes of runtime. I’ve found this to be accurate. I’ve been able to pull off an hour-plus full home cleaning session multiple times without issue.


Eufy has created a well-rounded portfolio of home products in the last few years. The Mach V1 Ultra expands this further and into a more premium platform. This combination of stick vac and steam cleaner is the all-around solution that many households will find is well worth it.

That brings us to the final line of the spec sheet… price. The Mach V1 Ultra is $700. This is far past the impulse purchase, but when you consider the vacuum is replacing three different cleaners in the home it tends to soften the sticker shock. Pairing that with competitors from Dyson can cost up to $400 more, and I think this value is worth it from eufy.

You can purchase the eufy Mach V1 Ultra from either the company’s online store or Amazon storefront below.

  • Purchase Mach V1 Ultra from eufy
  • Purchase Mach V1 Ultra from Amazon

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