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Apple’s September iPhone 15 Event Hashmoji Now Live on Twitter

Apple has started preparations for its upcoming September 12 iPhone-centric event, and the official hashmoji for the event has now launched. The #AppleEvent hashmoji on Twitter (or “X”) now includes a custom-designed Apple logo that matches the design that Apple is using for the September event.

Hashmoji, or hashflags as they used to be called, are custom, paid icons that appear next to specific hashtags on the Twitter social network.

The hashmoji features the same Apple logo blue and gray colorway that Apple introduced this morning when event invites went out.

The hashmoji for #AppleEvent is now live pic.twitter.com/sirgwGyg8s

— iSoftware Updates (@iSWUpdates) August 29, 2023

Apple’s September 12 event will be held at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, and it will be available to watch through the Apple Events page, on YouTube, and through the Apple TV app on compatible devices. For those unable to watch, MacRumors will be providing full event coverage on MacRumors.com and the MacRumorsLive Twitter account.Tags: Twitter, September 2023 Apple Event
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