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Apple Plans to Stop Providing Customer Support on Twitter and YouTube

Apple is planning to eliminate social media support advisor roles across Twitter, YouTube, and the Apple Support Community website starting later this year, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. When this change takes effect, customers will no longer be able to receive support from an Apple employee on these platforms.

Starting October 1, the @AppleSupport account on Twitter will no longer provide human replies to customers who send direct messages, one of the sources said. Instead, the source indicated that customers who message the account will receive an automated reply outlining other ways that they can contact Apple to receive assistance.

In addition, the sources said Apple will no longer provide technical assistance to customers in the comments section of YouTube videos uploaded to the Apple Support channel, and the paid Community Specialist role will be eliminated for the Apple Support Community, an online discussion forum where customers can receive help.

Apple is offering over 150 affected employees the opportunity to transition to a phone-based support role in the company, but some advisors are unable to or unwilling to make the switch, the sources said. Apple is not allowing employees to switch to another chat-based support role in the company unless medically necessary, one of the sources said.

Employees will receive training to provide phone-based support, and the transition is expected to be completed by November, one source said.

Apple has offered customer support on Twitter since 2016. Last year, the social media platform was controversially acquired by billionaire Elon Musk, and it has since been renamed to X. In a meeting with employees this week, the sources said Apple justified its plans by explaining that many customers prefer phone-based support.

Apple did not immediately respond to our requests for comment. This story will be updated if Apple provides any information.Tag: Apple Support
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