Home News Capable of running Diablo 4, this Alienware gaming PC is $910 off

Capable of running Diablo 4, this Alienware gaming PC is $910 off

Capable of running Diablo 4, this Alienware gaming PC is $910 off

Alienware is known for selling some of the most interesting-looking and high-end desktops on the market, and the Aurora R14 is no exception. With Diablo 4 about to come out, many folks are considering an upgrade, and with this deal from Dell bringing the Aurora R14 down to $1,300 from $2,210, it’s an excellent deal to pick up right now.

Why you should buy the Alienware Aurora R14 Ryzen Edition

The Alienware R14 has a lot in common with the Aurora R15, with the main difference being slightly different aesthetics and a less powerful GPU. Even so, don’t let the lower specs put you off since the included AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT is still very powerful and can easily handle Diablo 4 at 1440p Ultra settings while hitting 100 frames per second, which is impressive. If you’re on 4k resolution, you can still get good frame performance, but only using FSR 2.0 upscaling. Besides that, it can handle most games relatively well, as it sits somewhere between the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 in terms of performance, so things like Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, and Jedi: Survivor are all within grasp at high graphical settings and frames per second. Just be sure to pick whichever of these best gaming monitors that fit your needs in terms of resolution, size, and refresh rate.

As for the CPU, you get a powerful mid-to-high-end AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, which should let you handle most productivity tasks easily, as well as do a bit of streaming on the side. In terms of RAM, you get one 16GB stick, and since it’s a desktop, it’s relatively easy to open up the case and add another 16 GB stick for better performance and more versatility, especially with things like programming and using CAD. As for storage, it’s somewhat on the lower end with a 1TB SSD, which will be a bit slower since you’ll be running both the OS and games. To that end, it’s also worth picking up another gaming SSD to install purely for gaming. That said, we’re not sure what motherboard comes with the Aurora R14, so grab the desktop first, and once you have it in your hands, you’ll have a better idea of the sort of storage expansion you can do.


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Overall, the Aurora R14 is a beast of a desktop; with a powerful GPU and CPU combo, you can play many modern AAA games on it, and with the discount from Dell bringing it down to $1,300, it’s excellent value. Even so, we always encourage you to check out some other gaming PC deals for alternatives, although we doubt you’ll find something much better!