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Adobe Express fires back at Microsoft with new AI features

Adobe announced the latest version of its Adobe Express app on Thursday during its Adobe Summit EMEA. This app will work in conjunction with its Adobe Firefly Generative AI models to bring an all-in-one creative experience to users. Adobe is also adding Firefly to Google Bard, bringing text-to-image features to Google’s chatbot.

The new Adobe Express app is currently available as a free beta version for desktop users and will soon also be available for mobile. The app is also accessible through Adobe Express Premium for Adobe Creative Cloud members.

The app blends the best features of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat, coupled with the generative AI power of Adobe Firefly. Users are able to execute functions including creating and sharing “social media posts, videos, images, PDFs, flyers, and logos,” among other content, Adobe notes.


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  • Google Bard can now create and edit images, courtesy of Adobe

Together, Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly ease content workflows for “creative professionals, creators, students, enterprises, and brands,” Adobe added.

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The Adobe Express app includes an editor where you can carry out all of your tasks, including creating video content as you would in Premiere Pro, editing images à la in Photoshop, editing PDFs as you would in Acrobat, and creating layouts like you can in Illustrator. The app also connects to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager for real-time backing up, syncing, and collaboration.

Adobe also announced its partnership with Google, discussing that its Bard chatbot will be inundated with Express and Firefly in the coming months. While the original functions of Bard are text analysis and execution, Adobe Express and Firefly will power text-to-image capabilities on Google Bard. The Firefly integration will allow users to input prompts to create images and then edit them using Express.

Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly are similar to the Microsoft Designer app, which allows you to use the text-to-image generator as a starting point and then enter the editor to create social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, or graphics, among other creative projects. The simple and free AI tool has been compared to Canva or Adobe Express with a touch of DALL-E.