Wednesday, May 29, 2024

This 34-inch WQHD gaming monitor is discounted from $550 to $400


If your monitor could no longer keep up with your upgrades from gaming PC deals, it’s probably time to buy a new display. There are all kinds of monitor deals out there, but here’s one that stands out — the 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 curved gaming monitor for $400, after a $150 discount by Amazon on its original price of $550. We’re not sure how much time is left on the offer, so you’ll want to make the purchase as soon as possible while it hasn’t expired yet.

Why you should buy the 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 curved gaming monitor

Samsung’s no stranger to our list of the best gaming monitors, and the brand continues its winning streak with the Samsung Odyssey G5. The gaming monitor features Ultra WQHD resolution on its 34-inch display, plus a 165Hz refresh rate to minimize lag and blur, and a 1ms response time to make sure that what’s happening onscreen can match your reflexes. The Samsung Odyssey G5 also provides a seamless dual monitor experience by itself as an ultrawide monitor, compared with the bezels at the middle when using two separate monitors, and with HDR10, your games’ graphics are even more realistic with deeper blacks, more luminous whites, and sharper details.

The Samsung Odyssey G5’s 1000R curvature on its screen fills your peripheral vision and makes your eyes more comfortable, and according to our computer monitor buying guide, the curve also provides a more immersive gaming experience. If you’ve ever experienced screen tearing and stuttering, they can be very jarring to gameplay when they happen, so the Samsung Odyssey G5 aims to prevent these issues through its support for AMD’s FreeSync Premium.


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A powerful gaming PC should be paired with a topnotch display like the 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 curved gaming monitor. It’s a very tempting purchase because you can currently get it from Amazon for just $400, for savings of $150 on its sticker price of $550. You may not want to take too much time thinking about it because the offer may disappear at any moment, so to make sure that you don’t miss out, buy the 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 curved gaming monitor right now.

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