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These Bose-Powered OTC hearing aids are $50 off

With new laws on the books last year, 2023 has become a great year for new innovations in the hearing aids space. In case you haven’t heard, you can get hearing aids — which used to be locked under subscriptions — over the counter now. We compiled a list of the best OTC hearing aids early this year, but now it is May already and we’re beginning to see great deals in the space.

Today, that deal is for one of our favorites, the Lexie B2 OTC hearing aids. They’re Bose-powered hearing aids are now just $949, which is $50 off of the usual $990. Oh, and if you have an FSA, HRA, or HSA as part of your insurance, the Lexie B2 are eligible as part of those healthcare accounts, too. So, if you’ve been looking to pick them up, today is the day, as this deal only lasts until midnight U.S. Central time.

Why you should buy the Lexie B2 OTC Hearing Aids

In the OTC era of hearing aids a lot of the new designs are, well, new. That’s great for people wanting something a bit different or who are just edging into the assisted hearing stage of their lives. It doesn’t suit people that liked older styles or understood their merits. The Lexie B2 use a more traditional design. In this way, there’s something for everybody in the OTC hearing aid space, including those that don’t want something completely new to get used to again.

Of course, there are still many modern innovations that we believe even the most tech resistant will be able to appreciate. For example, charging is done easily in a case that compares to that of the best earbuds and the Lexie B2 hold 18 hours of charge even without the case. Tuning can be done at home via an app (grandchild optional) and won’t require an appointment with a professional, though if there is trouble Lexie experts are just a phone call away. The Lexie B2 can be tuned for different environments and situations, such as a one-on-one conversation in a quiet café or busy park, and switched back and forth between these settings easily when needed. No constant adjustment and retuning is needed.

So, to grab your Lexie B2 make sure you follow the button below before midnight U.S. Central time. They’re usually $990, but you can get yours for $50 off with this deal. That makes the Lexie B2 just $949, for today only!