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The Garmin Instinct 2X: The new brightest spot in the series

Whether I am camping in the wilderness or rummaging in the attic, there is almost nothing I love more than using the word “torch” (instead of “flashlight”). Garmin’s latest adventure watch adds this small joy and so much more to users’ wrists in what turns out to be a major upgrade to the Instinct 2 series. The latest device packs a powerful, built-in light, plus a number of significant improvements on both the hardware and software fronts. Find out more in this Garmin Instinct 2X review.

Garmin Instinct 2X Solar

  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Multi-band GNSS
  • Training Readiness

The Instinct 2X adds key upgrades to the adventure line for an even more capable fitness-tracking watch. In addition to multi-band GNSS and more efficient solar charging capabilities, the device offers advanced training features from Garmin’s higher-end devices. It also features a built-in LED flashlight with adjustable brightness and strobe options.

About this article: I tested the Garmin Instinct 2X for about ten days. The unit was provided by Garmin, but Garmin had no say in the published content.

X is for X-Large

Garmin Instinct 2X displays its watch face.