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Spring into clean air: Monitor and improve your indoor environment with Airthings View Plus


In an era where indoor air quality is gaining increasing attention, Airthings View Plus emerges as a game-changer, providing users with a comprehensive solution to monitor and improve the air they breathe within the comfort of their homes. This innovative product combines advanced technology and user-friendly design, making it an essential tool for those seeking to optimize their living environment.

The Airthings View Plus is a cutting-edge air quality monitor designed to provide real-time, accurate data on various elements that can affect indoor air quality. With its sleek and compact design, it seamlessly blends into any home decor while discreetly delivering crucial information to its users.

We’ve reviewed the Airthings View Plus here before, finding it to be really helpful and insightful to have in the home. Suffice it to say, we look at the topic of “air quality” differently now that we understand all the ways in which it can be affected.

Spring is in the Air

As the weather warms up and windows are opened, pollen and allergens can easily enter your home, causing discomfort for allergy sufferers. With the View Plus, you can monitor the air quality in real-time, identify potential triggers, and take proactive measures to minimize allergens, ensuring a more pleasant and symptom-free living environment. 

Additionally, spring often brings fluctuations in humidity levels, which can lead to mold growth. The View Plus helps you track humidity levels and provides recommendations to maintain optimal conditions, reducing the risk of mold and supporting a healthier home.

Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring

The Airthings View Plus measures and analyzes key air quality parameters, including temperature, humidity, total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, and air pressure. This comprehensive monitoring enables users to gain a holistic understanding of their indoor environment.

Visual and Intuitive Display 

Equipped with an intuitive color-coded LED display, the Airthings View Plus offers instant feedback on air quality levels. The display utilizes green, yellow, and red indicators to signify excellent, moderate, and poor air quality, respectively. This feature allows users to quickly assess the condition of their indoor air at a glance.

Mobile App Integration

Seamlessly connecting to the Airthings mobile app, the View Plus provides users with detailed insights and historical data. The app offers a user-friendly interface where users can track air quality trends, set personalized alerts, and access helpful tips for improving their home environment.

Smart Home Integration

The Airthings View Plus is compatible with popular smart home platforms, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can effortlessly access air quality information through voice commands or integrate it into their existing smart home automation systems.

Healthy Living Suggestions

The Airthings app not only provides data but also offers actionable suggestions to help users improve their air quality. It offers personalized tips on ventilation, humidity control, and pollutant reduction, empowering users to make informed decisions for a healthier living environment.

Target Users

The Airthings View Plus is a valuable tool for a wide range of users concerned about their indoor air quality. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Health-Conscious Individuals – Those who prioritize their well-being and want to ensure they are breathing clean air can rely on the Airthings View Plus to monitor and optimize their indoor environment.
  • Allergy and Asthma Sufferers – People with allergies or respiratory conditions can benefit greatly from the Airthings View Plus. By tracking air quality in real-time, they can identify triggers, take preventive measures, and minimize exposure to potential irritants.
  • Parents and Families – Families with young children are often more sensitive to air quality issues. The Airthings View Plus helps parents create a healthier living space for their children, ensuring a conducive environment for growth and development.
  • Smart Home Enthusiasts – The View Plus integrates seamlessly into existing smart home setups, making it an attractive choice for tech-savvy individuals who seek to create a connected and automated living environment.


With its comprehensive monitoring capabilities, intuitive display, mobile app integration, and smart home compatibility, the Airthings View Plus ($299) is a must-have device for anyone seeking to optimize their indoor air quality. By empowering users with real-time data and actionable insights, it transforms the way we approach air quality management at home, ultimately contributing to healthier and more comfortable living spaces.

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