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Oura Ring vs Fitbit: Choosing the right fitness tracking device

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

With one of the smallest form factors on the market, the Oura Ring is easing its way into the minds (and onto the fingers) of celebrities and shoppers alike. But how does the Oura platform stack up against more established ecosystems, like Fitbit? We compare the Oura Ring vs Fitbit to see which company may offer the right fitness tracking experience for you.

Fitbit vs. Oura Ring: Fundamental differences

The most obvious difference between the Oura Ring vs Fitbit trackers is how they are intended to be worn. The Oura Ring lineup is just that: a lineup of rings including three generations of devices. There are a few  device models available within each generation but those only offer stylistic differences, not unique features or internal specs. The Oura Rings are also all priced similarly when you don’t count sales or price reductions due to aging offerings. Again, the most expensive models are based on finish, not specs. The newest model, the Oura Ring 3, starts at $299.