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Hands On: Meross Smart WiFi LED Bulb and Smart WiFi Plug Mini


Meross is a brand you may have seen on Amazon and other online outlets. The company has been around for several years and really has been one of the first to embrace the connected home. I took a whim on them a few years ago and added a smart garage opener and couldn’t be happier with it.

I recently reached out to their team for a possible collaboration that’s allowed me to test two of the most popular devices in its lineup. Let’s get into my full review of the Meross Smart WiFi LED bulb and Plug Mini plug.


The Meross Smart WiFi LED bulbs are pretty much what you’d expect. They could easily be confused for any LED bulb in the aisles at Wal-Mart. I personally think that’s a good thing. Design is very much in the eye of the beholder and passing for just another light bulb makes it more appealing to the masses.

The Meross Smart WiFi Mini plug is a small adapter that plugs into your home outlets. The Mini is purposedly longer than it is tall. This allows you to use the WiFi Mini without blocking the other outlet in your wall. It’s a smart design for the Smart Mini plug.


Getting both of these devices up and running is a simple process. If using Android you can download the app and give the Meross device power by plugging it into the wall or screwing it into a light. From there, open the app and follow the prompts. Here you’ll give access to your WiFi and name your new smart Meross appliance.

If you purchased a HomeKit-enabled version of the WiFi Smart LED bulbs or Mini plug, you have just as easy a process if slightly different. You can skip the need for the Meross app and just open up iOS Home instead. Here you’ll scan the QR code on the side of the unit and follow similar prompts to allow it access to your home network and give it a name you’ll recognize.


I have to say that these devices from Meross are the most consistent smart home devices I’ve used to date. The setup was easy and my day-to-day interactions have been near flawless. Whether I’m using my Android phone with Google Home, the iOS Home app, or the Meross 1st-party application, I’ve had zero issues.

Turning the devices on and off is fast and almost never misses communication. Tasks and schedules have also worked as advertised on a daily basis. It really has been impressive how well these just are set-and-forget devices as far as management is concerned.

Final thoughts

If you are in the market for entering the smart home world, look no further than the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini and LED Bulbs. The cross-platform support is a huge plus and the stability of these devices on both iOS and Android is unmatched.

You can head over to the links below for purchasing these two great devices from either Amazon or Meross directly. The Wi-Fi Mini Plugs are normally $23 on Meross and $29 on Amazon but you can snag them for $19 right now on Amazon. The reverse is true on the LED Bulbs. You can get discounts from $30 for just $26 directly from Meross.

  • Purchase the Meross Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb from Meross
  • Purchase the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini from Meross
  • Purchase the Meross Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb from Amazon
  • Purchase the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini from Amazon

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