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5 Tips to Choose the Best Inverters for Home

One can experience frequent power cuts during the summer season. A common factor that leads to such a problem is that electrical grids become overheated. Moreover, an untimely electric power disturbance can turn havoc for you.

Brace yourselves with the best inverters for home use to get through the power-cut season. Everyone wants to enjoy undisturbed power flow at their home. Therefore, we bring a list of five essential tips that will assist our audience in selecting the best inverters for home use.

Before beginning with the tips, let us look at the different types of inverters suitable for home use. Moreover, towards the end, we will discuss the latest technological update in inverters to tip you off buying an inverter for your home.

Types of Inverters for Home Use

Inverters are power backup tools to save you from any problems during a power disturbance. In case of power cuts, inverters draw power from the batteries to keep the appliances operational. Moreover, it converts the direct current flowing from the batteries to the alternating current.

Two distinct types of inverters are available in the market for home use. They are:

  1. Pure Sine Wave Inverter

These inverters have complex technology for converting the direct current into alternating current and uplifting it. The price of a pure sine wave inverter is budget-friendly. One can opt for it based on the electricity use at their home.   

  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Modified sine inverters have fluctuating polarized current flow. Unlike pure sine wave inverter, it is a suitable inverter only for less AC current-consuming products. Otherwise, it can lead to excessive heat generation. Therefore, one should buy it depending on their preference.

This was all about the basic types of inverters for home use which you can get. Now, let us move on to the four essential tips that will assist you in buying a top-notch inverter for your home.

4 Tips to Buy the Best Inverter for Your Home

Buying the best inverters for home use has become necessary for everyone. The two main reasons are the power-cut season and the rapidly growing hybrid working modules. Worry no more because here are the tips you must remember before buying your next inverter.

  1. Know Your Usage

The first tip is to note the power consumption. People working from their homes use numerous electrical appliances with higher power usage levels. They should get an inverter that allows them to continue their work until power gets restored. On the other hand, users who require minimal electricity backup during a power cut should buy inverters for homes accordingly.

  • Inverter’s Capacity

Buying an inverter with higher capacity becomes necessary if you have several power-consuming devices. Generally, it is the remotely working individuals who require such inverters for home. One can easily calculate their inverter’s capacity by dividing the number of watts required during backup by 0.8. For instance, if you need 800 watts of power backup, then getting a 1000W or 1000VA inverter would be sufficient.

  • Backup

Battery capacity determines the backup time for the required power consumption. Therefore, investing in inverters for home use and their battery with twice the power usage capacity is suggested for better headroom.

This will help to ensure the smooth functioning of electrical appliances. For instance, if the power usage is 800 watts, an inverter with 1000W capacity and battery of at least 150Ah (or 1800Wh) would be suitable. (Given the battery runs at regular 12V)

  • Warranty Period

Every electrical machine, be it an inverter or battery, both have a warranty. The sole reason for giving a warranty is to ensure full support during any mishap. Every brand gives out a warranty with different terms and conditions. Huge brands like Luminous offer a warranty period on their inverters. So, the last tip to remember is the brand’s warranty.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right inverter for your home is crucial to ensure an uninterrupted power supply during blackouts and load shedding. With Luminous, you have a reliable and trusted brand that offers a range of high-quality inverters for home use. Following the tips outlined in this guide, you can choose the best inverter that meets your power requirements, budget, and specific needs.

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