Tuesday, December 5, 2023

3 Ways To Use Tech To Keep Your Teens Safe At School


Parents and teachers alike want to do everything in their power to keep their kids safe, healthy, and happy at school. And while active shooters have been all over the news in recent years, this isn’t the only thing that you need to help protect your kids against. So in addition to the training that you do on these types of lockdown situations, you can and should also help your kids and their school learn how to use technology to further protect them from other dangers, too.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three ways to use tech to keep your teens safe at school.

Filters On Online Searches

Teens the world over use their phones, tablets, and other devices to do research and work at school. And to do a lot of this, they’ll need to access the Internet. But sadly, the Internet can be a very scary and dangerous place for kids, even when they access it from school. But luckily, you can talk to your kids’ school about putting filters in place when people access the Internet from that property.

With parental controls and other filters in place on school devices and on anyone trying to use the Internet there, your child should be prohibited from accessing things that are deemed to be unsafe for them. Additionally, with these safeguards in place, anyone looking to take advantage of your kids should be blocked from coming into contact with them or anyone else at school. 

Smart Locks

While your teens’ school likely is locked from the inside so that only people with a key or keycard are able to access the property, there are other places around the school that your teen might want to use locks as well.

On some lockers, locks come with the locker. But for others, your teen might need to provide their own lock. This is the case with things like bikes as well. So when your teen needs to have a lock to keep their stuff safe at school, consider getting them a smart lock. This can help make access easier for them but harder for anyone trying to get into their stuff when they shouldn’t.

Cameras And Surveillance

Keeping track of things around your teens’ school with cameras and surveillance is a great idea for the school to put into place. Not only will it make it possible for them to see if people are breaking rules like driving faster than posted signs allow, but cameras can also help to reduce things like property damage, theft, and more. And if something does happen on the property, your teens’ school will have video evidence to help them know exactly what happened and how to proceed.

If you want your teen to be as safe as possible at their school, help them use the tech mentioned above and get this tech available to the school in which your teen attends.

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