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Telegram App for Mac Gains New Power Saving Mode

Telegram Messenger this week released an update for its Mac app that adds a new Power Saving menu of options to help users save battery life when accessing the encrypted chat platform on their MacBooks.

Found in the app’s settings, Power Saving Mode can be turned on with the toggle of a switch, and when enabled, the feature instantly disables a series of resource-intensive processes.

According to Telegram, the feature turns off things like autoplay GIFs and videos, sticker and emoji animations and effects, and interface animations that normally work in the app. There’s also a slider option that allows users to have Power Saving Mode turn on automatically based on the battery level percentage of their Mac.

In addition, the new Power Saving menu has a separate series of switches to turn off resource-hungry processes individually, offering a way for users to target only the worst offenders. The feature comes with version 9.4.1 of the Telegram Mac app, which also includes bug fixes and performance improvements. Tag: Telegram
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