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Eve Starts Selling Matter-Enabled Smart Home Devices


Eve Systems today announced the launch of its updated Matter-enabled Eve Energy smart plug, which is its first out-of-the-box Matter-compatible device. Eve previously released a beta firmware update to add Matter to some existing Eve accessories, but as of today, it is possible to buy the Eve Energy with Matter integration.

The Matter-equipped Eve Energy is available in North America, Europe, and the UK starting today. The Matter-enabled Eve Motion and Eve Door and Window are set to launch in stores on April 17.

April 17 is also the official launch date of Eve’s Matter firmware update, which will be widely available for the first time. It has been available to those who signed up to beta test, but the public launch is coming in April. Existing Eve Energy, Eve Door and Window, and Eve Motion Sensor devices will be able to be upgraded to Matter through the Eve app for the iPhone and the iPad.

Matter is a new smart home standard that’s being used by Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, and others. It allows for interoperability between smart home platforms, so a Matter-enabled Eve Energy Smart Plug can, for example, be added to an Apple HomeKit setup and a Google Home setup at the same time so long as the appropriate Matter hubs are available.

With multi-platform support, Matter-enabled accessories can be controlled with iPhones and Android phones, something not possible with ‌HomeKit‌ alone.

The Eve Energy with Matter can be purchased from the Eve website or from Amazon for $40, and it will soon come to Apple retail stores.Tags: Eve, Matter
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