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Which Is the Best Bluetooth Headset for Mobile

Bluetooth headsets are excellent devices for hands-free calling. There are no cables to take care of, and you can wear them quickly without plugging in your device. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to connect your device to a Bluetooth headset.

Another advantage of this type of headset is that it comes in various types. For any type of lifestyle or job, you’ll find one for your needs, including headsets for truckers.

Sure, Bluetooth headsets are popular now; it’s very common to see a person who has at least a pair. However, not all of them are the same. Some can outlast one in certain factors, especially when it comes to sound quality, durability, and other features.

So, if you are in the market looking for the best Bluetooth headset, we’ll give you three of our recommendations.

BlueParrot M300-XT

BlueParrot M300-XT offers a lot for its price. It offers noise-cancellation technology that is now a common feature for most headsets. However, there are still some that don’t have it. As the name suggests, noise-cancellation features eliminate the outside noise. This gives the user a better listening experience when answering calls.

This headset also gives a clear sound whenever you receive an incoming call. There will be no static, so you don’t need to worry about mishearing the person on the other end of the call.

Its battery can last for a day as it gives you up to 14 hours of battery life. Thanks to its Bluetooth 5.1 technology, it is more energy-efficient. When compared to other headsets with older Bluetooth versions, this BlueParrot headset will win when it comes to its battery.

Users can also adjust the headset to make it more comfortable, even for longer use. Despite the comfort, make sure that you use it moderately, as unsafe listening practices can result in hair loss.

One factor you need to consider when choosing this headset is the size of its earbud tips. If it doesn’t match the size of your ear canals, you might not be able to get its best performance. However, you can change the earbud tips for a snugly fit and better sound quality.

Poly Voyager 5200

If you’re more focused on the noise cancellation feature, this headset is probably what you need. Its noise cancellation feature is very powerful. Even if you are in a room with kids playing around, the people on the other end of the call would feel you’re in a quiet room.

You can try and test it in a room full of noisy people, let’s say, a noisy coffee shop packed with people; this device can disguise it like you’re in a sound booth. And with its retail price, we could say that it’s all worth it.

The battery life isn’t the same as the M300-XT. It can only last seven hours. However, with its seven hours, you’ll find it comfortable to wear.

One thing to keep in mind is its sound quality. You may sound more robotic compared with other headsets. The natural voice warmth and smoothness need to be improved. Choppiness and stuttering are more evident for outgoing and incoming calls. Still, this headset has made it to this list because of its features.

Jabra Talk 35

The last one that made it to the list is Jabra Talk 35. It provides an excellent connection between your mobile and headset, giving you a smooth phone call. Although minimal distortion is present during the phone call, it could fit just right for your budget.

It’s one of the most affordable headsets that you can find that provides excellent quality, especially when you compare it with other makes and models. This headset fits perfectly on any ear size; thanks to its contoured ear gel, it’s more snugly on ears, making it ideal for longer calls. But when you hear ringing sounds in your ear, make sure to avoid using a headset to have it relaxed.

The design is also good for people who wear glasses or the ones who have long hair. Since its size is a bit bigger than most headsets, it gives easier control.

On the downside, the headset still uses Bluetooth 3.0, which only gives 33 feet connectivity range. Its battery is also something to consider as it only offers six hours of talk time. However, these limitations are acceptable as this is one of the best inexpensive options.

Wrap Up

There are different Bluetooth headsets to choose from, but these three headsets are the best. If you’re looking for an affordable option, Talk 35 is the best choice. On the other hand, Poly Voyager 5200 offers the best cancellation feature, and M300-XT provides a balance for the price, quality, and features.

Either of these three can provide you with the best experience, allowing you to have a superb hands-free call.