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Twitter is down and not letting us tweet — it says users are over a daily limit [Update]

As of 6:10 p.m. ET, Twitter users appear to be able to tweet like normal once again. The original story is as follows:


  • A bug, or a sign of big changes to come?
  • How to fix the daily limit Twitter bug

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with every new bug/feature/mishap at Twitter these days, but some are more noteworthy than others. Such is the case with today’s bug (?), in which Twitter tells users that they are “over the daily limit for sending tweets.”

The below screenshot shows the new error message that appears when attempting to tweet from Twitter’s desktop site. Trying to tweet from the Twitter mobile app simply returns a “failed to send” error message.


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Digital Trends

A quick look at Down Detector reveals that a lot of people are experiencing the same problem. A massive spike of outage reports came in around 4:45 p.m. ET, with numerous people commenting on the Down Detector website that they cannot tweet. The Down Detector website shows 52% of users reporting problems with the app, 35% of users indicating website problems, and another 13% citing a server connection issue.

Many of us at Digital Trends have tried tweeting from our personal accounts and have all run into the “you are over the daily limit for sending tweets” error. Interestingly, other Twitter users still appear to be able to tweet, suggesting the problem may be a geographical one or have something to do with Twitter’s recent API changes. At this point, it’s anyone’s best guess.

A bug, or a sign of big changes to come?

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

This is almost certainly an unintentional bug on Twitter’s part, but the wording for the error is peculiar. This isn’t the first time Twitter’s been down and not let people tweet, but the “daily limit” wording is a new one.

It’s important to note that tweeting limits aren’t technically new for Twitter. Since at least 2018, Twitter has enforced a daily tweet limit of 2,400 tweets per user. One Digital Trends reader who also received the “daily limit” error was presented with a warning accompanied by a “learn more” link — directing them to the Twitter Help Center, talking about the 2,400 tweet limit.

A 2,400 daily tweet limit is a smart way to reduce spam from bot accounts, but why are people who have only tweeted less than a dozen times in a day seeing the message? It could simply be a bug causing the tweet limit counter to not work as intended. Or it could be a sign of Twitter greatly reducing how often people can tweet each day. It seems like a crazy idea, but then again, crazier things have happened with Twitter. It’s not impossible to imagine a world where free Twitter users have a daily limit, while Twitter Blue subscribers can tweet as much as they want.

How to fix the daily limit Twitter bug

The good news? If Twitter won’t let you send a tweet like normal, scheduling a tweet for the future appears to still work without a problem. Multiple Digital Trends writers have also confirmed this. Is it ideal? No. But if you absolutely must tweet and Twitter won’t let you right now, that’s one way around it.

It’s unclear when Twitter will be back to normal, but we’ll keep an eye on things and update this article whenever that happens.


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