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Samsung Galaxy S23 colors: here’s every style you can get

Samsung has announced its brand new flagship smartphone lineup with the Galaxy S23 series. With this lineup, we get the S23, S23 Plus, and the behemoth Galaxy S23 Ultra. Though the previous generation of Galaxy S22 phones had some colors that were only available on the Ultra, Samsung has made the color lineup across all three S23 devices the same, at least with the standard colors: Phantom Black, Cream, Green, and Lavender.


  • Galaxy S23 in Phantom Black
  • Galaxy S23 in Cream
  • Galaxy S23 in Green
  • Galaxy S23 in Lavender
  • Samsung’s exclusive Galaxy S23 colors

There are some exclusive colors for the S23/S23 Plus and S23 Ultra when you buy them directly from Samsung. Let’s take a closer look.

Galaxy S23 in Phantom Black

Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends

Phantom Black is a fancy name for, well, black. This is your typical black-colored Android smartphone, which is a perfectly classic and professional-looking shade that goes well with anything. And we’re not just talking about a dark gray either, but a pure black. While the back is a matte finish, the frame is glossy (this applies to all of the colors). This means if you don’t have a case around the frame, then be prepared to see fingerprints and smudges.


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Someone who wants a color that just goes with everything can’t go wrong with Phantom Black. It’s timeless, elegant, and just looks good no matter where you are.

Galaxy S23 in Cream

Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends

The opposite of Phantom Black is Cream. But don’t confuse Cream with pure white, because it’s not. Think of Cream as a bit of an off-white color. Similar to Phantom Black, this is an elegant and classic color that also goes well with anything.

The Galaxy S23 in Cream is a gorgeous color, especially if you prefer brighter, lighter hues. Cases with certain designs and patterns may stand out more with the Cream shade, as it acts like an art canvas. It’s also neutral and looks good for casual and professional settings.

Galaxy S23 in Green

Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Green comes in many shades and variations, but Samsung went with a more military, olive green-like with this one. The Green color for the S23 can shift and look a different shade though, depending on the angle and lighting of the current environment. So while it may not look great from one angle, it can subtly or drastically shift when viewed from a different perspective. In other words, it can go from a dull, muted olive green to a rich emerald.

This green color reminds us of Apple’s Midnight Green on the iPhone 11 Pro and the Alpine Green on the iPhone 13 Pro. Like those colors, the shade can shift depending on the light and angle. This color may not suit everyone, though, and it’s harder to match with everyday outfits since it’s not as neutral.

Galaxy S23 in Lavender

Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra Joe Maring/Digital Trends

This year, Samsung decided to ditch pink and go with Lavender instead. This year’s Lavender color is very subtle and muted, and it may even look like a very light pink or white from a distance. But it’s definitely a cooler color than pink, and if you have it next to an actual pink phone, then you can clearly tell this is in the purple family. However, similar to Apple’s purple iPhone 14, the Lavender color for the S23 lineup is very faint. Like Cream, it’s definitely a more feminine color.

While some people may like the S23 in Lavender, it’s not our favorite. It’s just too light, and you can barely tell that it’s actually Lavender unless you put it next to a white or pink phone.

Samsung’s exclusive Galaxy S23 colors



This is an exclusive color only available directly from Samsung. It’s a bright green hue with a tint of yellow — you know, like a refreshing and juicy fresh-cut lime. You don’t see a lot of phones in this color, so it’s definitely one of the more unique options out there. Lime is available on the S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra.

If you like fun colors, Lime is a fun one to consider. Again, it’s a very distinctive and fresh color, perfect for spring and summer. It may be a little hard to find a good Galaxy S23 case that matches up with it, but you could always go for a clear case to show it off in all its citrusy glory.


If Phantom Black is too dark, then you can opt for Graphite, which is another Samsung-exclusive color that is available for the S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. This color is a dark gray, so it’s not completely black like the regular Phantom Black colorway, though the difference really is negligible. It’s a great neutral color, though, so if you want something that’s elegant and classy, but also exclusive to Samsung, then Graphite is the way to go.


Those who prefer fun, bold colors should take a look at the new red color, exclusive to Samsung. This is a rich and vibrant red hue, with a hint of orange, to give it a unique color that’s bound to stand out from the crowd. It has a metallic finish to it with the matte, and it’s just a distinctive color. If you enjoy colors that deviate from the norm, then red is the way to go. This shade is exclusive to the S23 Ultra only.

Sky Blue

Lastly, the final Samsung exclusive color is Sky Blue, which is also only available on the S23 Ultra. This is a light blue color, reminiscent of clear skies on a sunny day. If you’re a blue fan, then this is one to consider. Sky Blue looks great, though it’s a little less saturated than some other blue phones. It’s more like an icy blue, but done in a better way than Apple and Sierra Blue on the iPhone 13 Pro. It’s a nice shade that will look great in good lighting.


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