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OnePlus 11 review: Return of the old OnePlus?

OnePlus first captured everyone’s attention with its “Flagship Killer” mentality. It challenged the best Android phones every year with a single, affordable device that balanced its premium power with careful sacrifices across the rest of the spec sheet. Then, OnePlus took a bite out of the mainstream apple. One phone became two, the feature list filled out, and prices began to climb in the quest for the killer flagship. Now, the brand wants to go back to those simpler days — whether those days still exist or not. Can it still compete in the modern market with an old-school OnePlus ethos? And, more importantly, is the result worth buying? Find out in our OnePlus 11 review.

OnePlus 11

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About this OnePlus 11 review: I tested the OnePlus 11 (16GB/256GB) over a period of three weeks. It was running Android 13 on the December 5, 2022, security update. OnePlus provided the unit for this review.

What you need to know about the OnePlus 11

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