Sunday, May 26, 2024

Netflix for books: Get 2 months of Kindle Unlimited for free


Kindle Unlimited service

Kindle Unlimited is one of the best services for book fans and right now, you can sign up for it over at Amazon and gain two months entirely for free. It works out at a saving of $20 compared to paying each month. In this case, there’s absolutely nothing to pay until after the two months have expired and you switch over to paying $10 per month. Simply cancel before then and the service is entirely free. It’s ideal if you’ve just bought yourself a new Kindle. Here’s why Kindle Unlimited is so good.

Why you should sign up for Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is its book-borrowing service and it’s great for avid readers. Working like a library with a hint of Netflix, you can check out up to 10 e-books, audiobooks, or comic books at any one time. The catalog includes plenty of titles from different genres and authors, including crime fiction to romance, science fiction, and fantasy. There’s also an extended library of magazine subscriptions which includes titles such as Women’s Health, Stuff, and Good Housekeeping.

While there are plenty of free Kindle books on Amazon Prime, you can’t beat Kindle Unlimited for great value. Overall, there are more than a million ebooks so you’re unlikely to run out of options. If you’ve just bought or been gifted one of the best Kindles, it’s an ideal addition to your reading arsenal. However, you don’t even need a Kindle device to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited. You can download the app to your PC or smartphone, and read from there.


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Borrowing a book takes seconds and once you hit your limit, all you need to do is return one to continue with a new title. It’s a similar story with more than 2,000 audiobooks available. If you’re not in a position to read, you can always listen to these to take in a great story or learn something new.

The best part about your two months of Kindle Unlimited? It really doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Simply remember to cancel the subscription ahead of time and Amazon won’t take any money for future months. You can even sign up and then cancel the plan moments later, and it’ll still run for the two months. There really is nothing to lose here.

Sign up for Amazon Kindle Unlimited today and get two months entirely for free working out at a saving of $20. It’s a great way of discovering new books and audiobooks to enjoy without having to invest anything more than a little time to take them in. As always with such deals, we can’t say how long it’ll stick around so sign up today if it sounds perfect for you.


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