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Microsoft’s is bringing ChatGPT to your browser, and you can test it out right now

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed in a private briefing with the press that a ChatGPT-powered version of the Edge browser and Bing search engine is available now. The overhauled search and web browsing experience is designed for natural-language questions, replacing critical aspects of the browser with AI tools.

That might sound familiar. Google and other search engines have been leveraging AI for several years to compile search results, but Microsoft’s take is different. It’s “your AI copilot for the web,” offering up new search, answer, chat, and create functions.

Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

Microsoft says that web search only goes so far. It estimates that about half of searches aren’t satisfied with traditional results, particularly complex questions with multiple components. With Bing’s new “Prometheus Model,” which is based on OpenAI tech, Microsoft says it can deliver relevant results with annotated answers.


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To combat this, the new AI-enhanced Bing offers up to 1,000 characters for complex queries. Microsoft says you’ll still see traditional search results, but Bing will also include an AI-powered sidebar that provides contextual results.

Microsoft showed off this functionality with a few demos. If you’re shopping, the sidebar can gather information from search results and compile them into a list. Similarly, it can gather recipes from multiple sources and generate its own recipe. In all cases, the AI annotates what’s created and links to the sources from which it gathered the information.

Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

It can also continue a conversation past the initial search. Using the chat function, you can go deeper into a particular question. Microsoft gave the example of going from finding the best TV to finding the best TV specifically for gaming.

Microsoft also said you can get much more precise with your queries. As an example, instead of entering “5-day trips to Mexico,” you can ask the AI to create an itinerary. It will generate the list, and when you’re done, you can ask the AI to generate a message to send out to whoever you’re traveling with.

Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

This integration goes deeper into the Edge browser, as well. Microsoft designed its Edge browser to look more in line with Windows 11, but the more important update is its new AI integration.

The sidebar in Bing is available across the Edge browser. Microsoft says it can analyze a page and write a summary, link documents, and even compare data between multiple pages. As an example, Microsoft AI instantly translates a string of code from GitHub into another programming language.

Andrew Martonik / Digital TrendsGoogle announced its rival Bard AI on Monday, and it’s expected to demo the capabilities during a livestream on Wednesday. It’s positioned as a ChatGPT alternative that will power Google’s search engine.

You can try out the revamped version of Bing now by going to bing.com/new. Microsoft says this preview period is limited to a small number of queries, but you can sign up to be notified when full access is available.


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