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Is an Online Degree in Computer Science Worth It?

Computer science is on the rise due to the constant developments in technology. If you are debating whether or not to study this career online, you may be asking yourself ‘’Is an online degree in computer science worth it, or not?’’

In recent years there has been a gigantic development in computer science. This is due to the rise of artificial intelligence, which is a sub-branch of computer science. The concepts studied in this career are used as a base to understand, create, and develop these AIs.

On top of that, this science allows people to do web development, which is a high-demand job. After all, people who are starting a business will want to create their own page to increase revenue and visualization. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for computer scientists to step in.

With this degree, you will have a wide variety of sub-branches in which you can specialize. Therefore, it is safe to say that an online degree in computer science is worth the investment nowadays. However, you would need to know which branch you can specialize in before starting the career.

Computer Science Branches

While there are a lot of branches of this science, you would need to find a good college that has the best option for you. For instance, if you are currently living in Pennsylvania it is recommended that you look for the best state colleges in Pennsylvania.

This way, you will be able to find the college that offers you the best program according to what you want to specialize in. After you do that, you can start researching and learning about the different branches of computer science. Here you can see the most popular ones nowadays.

Web Developer

Web developers’ job is to create websites and fix the problems that might surge. When it comes to websites, there are a lot of technical aspects that need to be maintained daily, which will be the developer’s main job. Some web developers may even be asked to create content for said website.

Lastly, they should be able to improve the web’s performance and further develop their traffic capacity. All of this will establish a top-quality website with a great design that will, ultimately, improve the business visibility, sales, and customer fidelity.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineer

AI and Machine Learning engineers design an algorithm that can learn, analyze, and make predictions based on the analysis. In other words, they work to create an algorithm that replicates the reasoning of the human brain. Of course, to do this, these engineers work with data engineers, analysts, and architects.

There are a lot of uses for artificial intelligence and deep learning networks, for instance, they can be used to improve content for social media. Therefore, this job has a great number of opportunities in all fields.

Computer System Analyst

Computer system analysts are the ones who examine the organization’s systems and procedures to improve them. This is done to increase productivity and solve recurrent problems in the organization. They are in charge of making the computer’s infrastructure operate fluidly and efficiently.

Business Analyst

A business analyst uses data to help organizations perform better by enhancing their processes and systems. They do this after conducting a series of analyses and research with the goal of finding areas the business can improve. This way, they boost the organization’s efficiency, and thus, their success.

Games and App Designer

Games and app designers create concepts they can turn into operating programs for certain platforms (smartphones, tablets, computers, and consoles). They do this by creating systems and coding the program that will run the game. On top of that, they also are in charge of fixing the bugs and errors that come up.

Although this might sound less complicated than the others branches listed, being a game or app designer takes a lot of time and effort. This is due to the great number of bugs and issues the code can manifest. On top of that, since you will be building a game, you will need great creativity to do this job.

Network Administrator

Network administrators are in charge of installing and supporting the organization’s systems such as the LAN (Local Area Network), and WAN (Wide Area Network). On top of that, they organize these systems and keep them up to date so they operate correctly.

If your procedures are not running smoothly, a network administrator will check the hardware, software, intranets, computer infrastructures, network segments, and information systems. All of this is to find the problem and fix it.

Cloud Computing Engineer

Cloud computing engineers’ objective is to plan, develop, and support a cloud computing service. On top of that, they need to identify problems with the infrastructure and fix them. One of the most important parts is always keeping the cloud secure, therefore, they need to be attentive to detail.


When it comes to computer science, there are significant areas in which a professional can specialize, which is why it is a great investment. However, you must do thorough research before deciding on one. This way, you can rest assured you select the one that best fits your qualities.