Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Don’t miss your chance to get an Apple Watch for just $199


A person wears an Apple Watch SE displaying its apps.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

One of the best smartwatch deals available today is ideally suited for someone who doesn’t mind owning slightly older tech so they can save big. Over at Walmart, you can buy the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) for only $199 working out as a considerable saving of $80 off the usual price of $279. When it comes to the Apple Watch deals already out there, we’re big fans of this one as it’s the ideal chance to dip your toes into the smartwatch world for far less than you might ordinarily pay for a newer model. This Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) deal is already proving popular so if it sounds right for you, hit the buy button now so you don’t miss out.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen)

When the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) launched back in 2020, we decreed it as the best Apple Watch for most people. That reputation has continued with the smartwatch a little slower than it seemed before but still proving very useful for iPhone owners keen to monitor their health. The watch allows you to track your daily activity and see trends develop via the Fitness app on iPhone. You can track many different workouts such as tai chi, pilates, along with more conventional choices like running, yoga, swimming, and weight lifting.

At all times, you can glance at your watch and see how many active calories you’ve burned, how many times you’ve stood up each hour, and how many minutes of exercise you’ve completed. Challenges and awards further encourage you while the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) also offers up real-time elevation readings and a built-in compass for hiking. If you’re monitoring your health, it will also give you a heads up for unusually high or low heart rates as well as if an irregular heart rhythm is detected. It’s excellent peace of mind.


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Formerly one of the best smartwatches around, the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) remains a popular choice at this price. During downtime, it’s also useful in how it’ll provide you with notifications to your wrist, as well as allow you to take calls or reply to texts. You can even make purchases via Apple Pay using the watch.

Normally priced at $279, the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) is currently available for $199 at Walmart. A popular smartwatch for anyone happy to get slightly older tech for less, it’s unlikely to remain at this price for long. Snap it up now before you miss out.


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