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You can buy this LCD mod for one of the best PC cases now

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The Hyte Y60 is one of the best PC cases on the market, and it’s getting a big upgrade in the form of an official DIY mod kit. The Hyte Y60 LCD DIT kit is available now for $120, allowing you to replace one of the tempered glass panels of the case with a programable screen.

If you frequent PC builds on Reddit or Instagram, you’ve probably seen this mod before. For months, community members have bought screens that fit in the gap in Hyte’s case and used community 3D-printed mounts to attach them. In a Reddit thread several months back, in fact, the company responded to a user’s build with “THIS IS SO COOL.”

We heard you guys loud and clear! 📣

We have officially launched an ALL WHITE Y60 color way called "Snow White" and are now selling the LCD Mod! 🥰


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Learn more here: https://t.co/eWSxoztv1U pic.twitter.com/YuYgByURGu

— HYTE (@hytebrand) January 8, 2023

Hyte is now selling the kit in an official capacity. The $120 kit includes the screen, a driver board to deliver power and data to the screen, and the cables to hook everything up. Unfortunately, it’s not an all-in-one solution out of the box. You still need to 3D-print a mount for the screen, but Hyte includes the file you need to print.

The screen comes with a resolution of 1920 x 515, and it’s not something you can control through software. Instead, the included driver board includes a mini HDMI connection that you’ll need to route through your PC  and connect to your graphics card. After that, the panel will show up as another monitor in your operating system.

Components for the Hyte Y60 DIY LCD kit.

Originally, the mod was made for Aida64’s SensorPanel software, which allows you to display sensors like system utilization, CPU speed, and temperature in custom themes. You can still download and use these themes with Hyte’s DIY kit, but you can also display images, videos, or anything else you want.

The LCD kit was among Hyte’s CES 2023 announcements. The company also announced the new Hyte Y40 case, which is a slimmed-down version of the wildly popular Y60. Instead of the dual-chamber design of the Y60 and fish tank-like look, the Y40 opts for a traditional power supply basement and a slimmer form factor.

Although it’s smaller overall, the Y40 actually has more space for your graphics card, which could make a big difference with GPUs like the RTX 4090. The vertical GPU mount includes four slots as opposed to the three slots on the Y60. The case is also $50 cheaper, clocking in at $150.


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