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What is SMS Marketing? 


SMS marketing is a form of mobile marketing that uses text messages to communicate with customers and promote products or services. It is a powerful tool for reaching customers directly on their mobile devices and can effectively increase sales and engagement.


One of the main benefits of SMS marketing is its high open rate. According to a recent study, 98% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received. This makes SMS marketing a highly effective way to reach customers quickly and efficiently.

How to Get Started?

Another benefit of SMS marketing is its personalization. Customers are likelier to engage with messages tailored to their interests and needs. With SMS marketing, you can segment your audience and send personalized messages to different groups of customers.

Getting started with SMS marketing is easy. The first step is to build a list of phone numbers from customers who have agreed to receive text messages from your business. You can collect phone numbers through sign-ups on your website or in-store.

Once you have your list, you can send your customers text messages. It’s essential to keep your messages short and to the point and to include a call to action. You can also use Automated SMS Marketing services, like Textdrip, to schedule and send messages to your customers regularly.

Best Practices for Top Results

Textdrip is the top choice for SMS marketing, offering unparalleled deliverability and unbeatable success rates. With Textdrip, you can create SMS drip campaigns that automate the process of sending messages to your customers. This allows you to set up a series of messages that are sent automatically at specific intervals, ensuring that your customers always receive relevant and timely information. 

When it comes to SMS marketing, there are some simple tips you should follow for optimal engagement with your customers. Timing is of the essence – send messages when they’re most likely to be seen! To achieve the best results, you can implement A/B testing to find the best time of day to reach your target audience. Plus, avoid setting off spam triggers. It’s important not to trigger spam filters with common phrases like “Reply YES for a quote” and industry-specific  words such as “Health Advisor,” “PPO,” or “Open Enrollment.” When reaching out, try leaving your name off the message and avoid including website links. Keep things short – that way carriers are more likely to accept your messages! Lastly, ensure that each message offers value and relevance – this will ensure great results for your business!


SMS marketing is a powerful tool for reaching customers directly on their mobile devices. It offers high open rates, personalization, and the ability to automate the process of sending messages. Textdrip is the best service for SMS marketing with the best deliverability in the industry. By following best practices and using automated SMS marketing services, you can achieve top results with your SMS marketing campaigns.

Author Byline: Philip Portman is the founder/CEO of Textdrip, a business texting platform for insurance, mortgage, real estate, and solar sales. He has created several startups from the ground up like; landlineremover.comargosautomation.com, and recruitdrip.com. He is a leading expert in SMS marketing and automation in digital marketing.

Author Linkedin profile: www.linkedin.com/in/philportman

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