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Reserve Samsung’s next Galaxy Book laptop and get up to $100 credit

Event invite for Samsung Galaxy Unpacked February 2023.Samsung

If you’re eagerly waiting for the next Samsung device, this is a fairytale offer for you. If you register your interest in buying the next Samsung Galaxy Book device, Samsung will reserve one for you and give you a $50 credit. If you’re even remotely interested in getting it, you should register at the link below. This deal is live right now and will be up until February 1.

What exactly is Samsung’s next Galaxy Book device? Well, we aren’t 100% sure. Samsung has said that they will be launching “new Galaxy devices” soon, including a new phone and a new laptop. The Samsung Unpacked 2023 event will take place on February 1, the last day of this promotion, and we should discover what those devices are during that. Until then we can only guess. Considering rumors and hype, the smartphone is likely going to be the Galaxy S23, but we know less about the Galaxy Book.

If you think you might be interested in one or both of these devices, you should register. All Samsung needs is your name and email, and if you decide you don’t want the device, you don’t have to buy. This is a “no-commitment offer,” according to Samsung, so you’re not locked into actually purchasing the book. They want to impress you with it at Samsung Unpacked before they lock you into a contract. If you reserve just the Galaxy Book, you’ll get a $50 credit toward your purchase. If you reserve both the Galaxy Book and the (presumed) Galaxy S23, you’ll get $100 in credit. It’s the perfect deal for any eager Samsung fan.


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