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How to help Your Customers without Any Delays

Companies lose customers, and they don’t know why. One of the reasons is simple, though: Customers don’t like to wait. And so, if they are left hanging on the line for fifteen minutes before finally having someone asking what the call is in reference to, this just may be the start of the end of the business relationship it had with this customer. How do you solve this? By using an interactive voice response system.

No More waiting on the Line

Times have changed, thanks to technology. Before, traditional phone systems did not offer the options that VoIP phone systems now offer. There was no such thing as an interactive voice response option available, back then, which meant that people were placed on hold and could wait in line (and on the line) for a very long time. People were used to this, and even though they did not like it, they knew that changing service provider would not help, if they ever came across a problem like the one they were dealing with. Therefore, customer service was not as crucial as it is today.

Now, the mere idea of waiting on the line is sufficient for customers to find other ways to get in touch with the company, instead of calling in. Which creates a different problem, that we will tackle later on in this article: omnichannel communication. But for those who do decide to call, they need to be answered right away. Today, it is the system itself that does it. After a few rings, it will respond to the call, to define the purpose of it and to try to help the customer without having to find someone he could talk to, immediately. If that isn’t possible, then the machine will transfer the communication to a human who can solve the issue. 

Answering All Questions Wherever They may be coming From

Companies have a harder time satisfying clients, in the modern world. That is mostly because their relationship has been switched. Whereas before the company was telling everyone how it could reach them, nowadays customers choose the channel of communication that they want to use to, in order to get in touch. And if there is no one on it that can answer the query, then customers look for another business where they can get the same type of product or service, so that they can be responded to, through the communication mean of their choice. 

Becoming omnichannel is not easy for all companies. Yet, there is one way that they can use, to make sure that they leave no one behind, which is once again linked to the VoIP phone system. Since it is software based, a company can connect all the communication channels to it, so that the system can answer any demand that may come in, from any one of them. Again, it will also send out a message to an employee inside the company, in order to let them know of the customer’s request, so that they can be taken care of, rapidly.