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Forget the Surface Laptop 5: Surface Laptop 4 is $150 off today


Using a Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 sitting on a couch with a dog.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is out now, but if you’re searching for a bargain, the previous generation is where it’s at. Best Buy currently has the Surface Laptop 4 on sale for $750 after a $150 discount. If you’re fine with your computer not being the shiniest new toy on the block, the Surface Laptop 4 will serve you fine. Here’s why it’s still worth your money.

Why you should buy the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft has found a lot of success with the unique and flashy 2-in-1 Surface Pros, but they still need a classic laptop option for people who want something more traditional. After all, there are some basic things a laptop can do that a Surface-style tablet can’t, for instance actually sit on your lap. The Surface Laptop line is Microsoft’s answer to this. They kept the same spirit of innovation that the Surface Pro has, but put it in a more conventional package.

The Surface Laptop 4 isn’t the newest in this line, but it still holds up. When comparing the Surface Laptop 4 vs Surface Laptop 5, the battle is a bit closer than you might imagine. Instead of an all-around hardware update, Microsoft made some specific choices in the 5 that may cause you to pause. For instance, the Surface Laptop 5 is all Intel, so if you like AMD processors, you’ll have to go with this Surface Laptop 4. It has the AMD Ryzen 5 Surface Edition. It also comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD. These specs are fairly standard for a laptop at this price point, so if they check all of your necessary boxes, why bother with the more expensive 5?


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The screen on the Surface Laptop 4 is unique, keeping with Microsoft’s trend of bucking the norm: It has a resolution of 2256 x 1504. While not standard, we welcome the extra pixels. Anything short of 4K will look great on this display. It is 13.5-inches diagonally, a nice size that balances portability with visibility. If you love the touchscreen aspect of the Surface Pro line, you’re in luck. The Surface Laptop 4 has a PixelSense touchscreen too.

If you’re convinced, you can grab the Surface Laptop 4 for only $750 at Best Buy today, a $150 discount off its usual $900. Grab it before Best Buy ends the sale — it likely won’t last through the weekend.


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