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Alienware’s 38-inch QHD gaming monitor is $450 off right now

A curved gaming monitor from Alienware with stand.

Is a top-of-the-line monitor the upgrade your battle station needs to offer a fully immersive and responsive gaming experience? Whether you’re a casual or a competitive player, the Alienware AW3821DW 38-inch curved QHD monitor is a great choice for anyone looking to bring their gaming setup into the 2020s, and it’s on sale right now. For a limited time, you can grab this ultrawide display for $900 after a $450 discount knocks its usual $1,350 price to below a grand. And if you still need some convincing as to why the Alienware AW3821DW might be the perfect gaming monitor for you, keep reading.

Why you should buy the Alienware AW3821DW curved QHD gaming monitor

The Alienware AW3821DW is a high-end ultrawide monitor that delivers a vibrant picture and smooth performance in line with the brand’s reputation for delivering premium hardware. With a 38-inch curved IPS monitor panel, the AW3821DW offers a wide viewing angle and a more immersive gaming experience. Its 21:9 aspect ratio makes it great for productivity as well, as you’ve got plenty of screen real estate for multitasking and cycling through multiple open programs and windows.

The Alienware AW3821DW gaming monitor sports a 3840 x 1600 QHD+ resolution along with a high refresh rate. It has a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz when connected via DisplayPort, allowing you to comfortably crank up the framerate without on-screen lag or stuttering. The AW3821DW also boasts a fast response time of 1ms (gray to gray), which is especially useful for fast-paced and competitive games where quick reaction times and responsive gameplay are essential.


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In addition to its impressive specs and smooth gaming performance, the Alienware AW3821DW has an elegant and stylish design. The monitor sports thin bezels and a sleek stand, making it an attractive addition to your desktop setup. The AW3821DW also offers a wide range of connectivity options, including two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort, and USB 3.2 ports. This makes it easy to hook up this monitor to a variety of devices, including consoles, desktop PCs, and laptops.

The Alienware AW3821DW 38-inch ultrawide curved monitor is a top-of-the-line gaming display that offers an immersive and responsive experience. With its high refresh rate, fast response time, and sleek design, it’s a great choice for any gamers looking to upgrade their setup, and right now, it’s one of the best monitor deals available this week. The Alienware AW3821DW monitor is currently available from Dell at a $450 discount off of its normal $1,350 sticker price, letting you add this QHD ultrawide display to your battle station for a much more attractive $900. Don’t drag your feet, though, because these Dell deals move quickly.


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