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10 Reasons You Should Get into Web Design and Development

In the modern digital world, businesses are rapidly adopting new technology and transforming their core business functions to translate the benefits of technology into business profitability and growth. The growing trend of e-commerce and social marketplaces has compelled businesses to adopt a digital-first strategy that aims to create a strong online presence, reach a higher customer base, and increase brand awareness through omnichannel digital platforms.

Developing online stores and websites has become necessary as more businesses move from the conventional brick-and-mortar approach to online sales, drop shipping, and digital transaction processing. As a result, the web design and development field is expanding by the day.

If you want a career with great growth potential, endless learning opportunities, and lucrative rewards, web design and development is the right choice! Scroll down to learn more about web design and development and why you should choose it as your career path.  

How to Become a Web Developer?

To become a successful web developer, you need strong programming skills with a creative side for web and graphic designing. For this purpose, you can either register for a degree course that may take a few years to complete or opt for fast-track web design bootcamps for targeted training on web designing, web development, back-end database programming, client-side and server-side interfaces, and responsive web designs.

The biggest advantage of taking web design bootcamps is that you learn from the best professionals with years of experience in the same field. You will be able to get practical experience in designing responsive web designs that work seamlessly on any device and platform and develop fully-functional websites in the real world.

What Makes Web Design and Development a Great Career Choice?

Here are ten reasons why choosing web design and development is one of the best career choices you can make:

1. Demand for Web Developers is Growing

As more businesses adopt cloud technology and software-as-a-service approach, the typical approach of application software is quickly being replaced by web-based applications. The web development market has seen consistent growth over the years, and demand will continue to rise with more businesses moving to web-based technology to fulfill their corporate needs.

Nearly all big organizations have their IT and web development departments in place, and the need for web developers continues to rise. It means there will always be a good job market for new and experienced web developers, with the expected employment growth rate being as high as 23% from 2021 to 2031. If you have the right skills and experience in the web development field, you can increase your chances of becoming a part of a top-notch organization or software company.

2. Career Growth Opportunities

Choosing web design and development does not imply that you will spend the rest of your life writing website code. As you gain experience and expand your skill set, you will be able to advance in your profession and assume greater responsibility. Web designers and developers can quickly progress to senior roles like web administrators, web engineers, senior web developers, project managers, and QA engineers, and later to higher positions such as director of information technology and leadership roles.

3. Creative Field

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are two critical aspects of any website and web-based mobile app, requiring creativity and creative problem-solving skills. Being a web designer allows you to fully express your creative side in designing interactive web pages, creating eye-catching menus, and placing stunning graphics. With essential web development skills, you can bring your ideas to life through website designs. You have the right skill set to incorporate best practices in web development for creating responsive web designs and incorporating techniques like lazy loading, use of efficient plugins, Gzip compression, and optimizing images.

4. You Always Get to Learn Something New

Technology is an ever-evolving field. What is in fad now may become obsolete in the near future. If you’re a person who’s always looking for new challenges, web development is for you! You are always learning something new with new tools and technologies being launched continually.

5. Job Flexibility

In the post-COVID era, there has been a greater acceptance of working from home rather than commuting to the workplace every day. Web development and software engineering are fields where formal in-house setup is not required. When you work as a web developer, you can work from home while doing the job to the best of your ability. Most software companies now hire talented professionals online from around the world on hourly or monthly salaries. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and great web development skills for a stellar web design and development career.

6. Lucrative Field

The web design and development field are not only challenging, creative, and in demand, but it also offers a lucrative career path. The median annual income of a junior to a mid-level web developer is way above the average annual income in the US. As you advance in your career, your annual salary and other perks will rise substantially.

7. Hone Your Designing Skills

Web development isn’t just about coding the client and server-side interfaces; it requires great creativity to design attention-grabbing websites and mobile interfaces. Being a web developer, you get numerous opportunities to hone your design skills and display your creativity best! You learn how to create website templates, choose the right background and foreground colors, make variations for daytime and nighttime screens (dark modes), and pick the right font for each content element. The web development field allows you to work with a myriad of clients with custom requirements. This helps you polish your web designing skills and grow as a professional.

8. Work with a Dynamic Team

Being a web developer means you’ll be consistently working with dynamic teams and dealing with multiple clients. You can take the opportunity to interact with people having multiple skills. A typical web development team consists of a graphic designer, web developers, software engineers, QA specialists, data and web security experts, project managers, network engineers, and cloud scientists. This unique exposure will help you develop your skills to the next level and gain both corporate and industry-specific knowledge from peers.

9. Opportunities to Change Career Path

Coding is a universal language! Once you know the basics of coding languages, you can easily apply your programming skills to various platforms, including system programming, application software, network programming, artificial intelligence, data analytics, cybersecurity, and database management. This provides a plethora of opportunities to change your career path. While web development is a rewarding career in and of itself, you can explore other in-demand options and change your career path at any point.

10. Freelance Opportunities and Access to Open-Source Platforms

Open-source platforms enable you to enhance your programming abilities by joining a large online community of skilled programmers. Furthermore, as a web design and development professional, you can join the freelancing industry and make substantial money from web development projects rather than working for a fixed salary.

Final Thoughts

The web design and development industry is growing at a fast pace as more businesses prioritize digital platforms over conventional on-site operations. This makes a perfect opportunity for aspiring web developers to seek lucrative web design and development careers. We hope the above list will help you recognize the true benefits and potential of a web design and development career.