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Checklist: Prepping your SUV for a Long Journey

To avoid a holiday turning into a problem on wheels and having to spend time searching for a reliable mechanic, it is important to minimize the risk of breakdowns in advance.

Even if you rent a car at great companies like https://evolve.ae/, you should still do a thorough check-up yourself. In order to be mentally calm. Even though, vehicles offered for rent are always serviced properly. Also, hire an off-road vehicle carefully, as you can choose anything from family cars to powerful SUVs for rent.

Have a complete overhaul

On the road, one of the engine cylinders may, for example, suddenly fail. Or, as the mechanics say, the engine may “stutter” due to a faulty feeding or ignition system. An urgent solution to such a problem is expensive and time-consuming, whilst routine maintenance helps to detect the problem at an early stage and to avoid serious consequences.

Special attention should be paid to checking the brake system. It’s best to replace the brake pads when they are around 50% worn before a long journey – when traveling on the road they can be overloaded and will start to wear out much more quickly.

Change technical fluids

Change the engine oil if you have a long journey ahead of you. Or if the last time it was changed was five thousand kilometers ago, or even earlier. If in city conditions normally the car is in good working order and does not waste oil, then at long increased loads on a highway may start “oil consumption” – when the consumption rises from 0.1 to 1 liter per thousand km. And take a couple of litres of oil to spare. In fact, the same brand of engine oil, which is poured into the engine of your car, may be neither in the first, nor in the second, or even in the fifth pop-up shop.

Adjust a camber

With time, any, even fine-tuning of wheel camber adjustment becomes out of order. Therefore, it is worth coming to the car-care center before the trip, where experts will check wheel angles on a special stand and if necessary make fine-tune with modern equipment.

If the camber is not adjusted, the driver may experience handling problems – the car will start to pull to the side, and the tires will wear out faster than usual.

Check the battery

Before traveling I always check the condition of the battery. Even in summer, as there are a lot of power-consuming devices in the car. If, like me, you need to charge your photo equipment, or laptop, or even heat up a kettle when you travel, take a battery starter with you. With it, you can revive even the deadest battery and don’t have to interrupt your journey in search of a recharge.

Change air filter

Increased fuel consumption and difficult starting might be an indication that the air filter is dirty and needs to be changed. You can check for yourself by opening the air filter cover under the bonnet. If you know in advance that it gets clogged quickly, take a spare one on the road. It is especially important if your way lies in mountains. On the road, the filter should be changed approximately every 15,000 kilometers to keep the car from “suffocating”.


Follow this simple checklist before any journey and then you can really enjoy your holiday and be prepared for any situation. Good Luck!