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You can buy an Apple Watch for $149 today


Apple Watch Series 3 on wrist.

The Apple Watch remains the most popular smartwatch on the market. That might not seem like much considering that these wearables, once hyped as “a smartphone on your wrist,” didn’t live up to expectations and didn’t really catch on with the public when they were first unveiled. However, Apple changed all of that, and the explosive popularity of its own smart wearables has made this tech company one of the largest watchmakers in the world. These things can get pricey, but with Black Friday approaching and retailers rolling out Apple Watch deals early, Walmart has a killer deal right now on the Series 3 that lets you score it for just $149 ($50 off). If you find the newest Apple Watch models to be too pricey, read on to see why you might want to consider buying this older one.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch is currently in its eighth generation with the Series 8, which Apple just unveiled this year. The Apple Watch Series 3 launched in 2017, so it’s only natural that you might be wondering if buying a five year-old model is worth it. We think that, given the price (and the fact that this is a brand-spanking-new Apple Watch, not a refurbished model), it’s worth it for budget-conscious shoppers. It would also make a great gift, or even a first smartwatch for a young techie you know.

In our Apple Watch Series 3 review, we stated that Apple’s third-gen wearable was — at the time — the best smartwatch money could buy. We found the voice controls and watchOS interface to be intuitive, the suite of fitness features to be very useful, and the overall day-to-day use experience to be a joy. Our review team also liked the many customization options available with the watch face. Some other nice features include built-in GPS, a swimproof aluminum case, a heart rate monitor, and activity tracking for a wide array of workouts.

One drawback with older hardware like this is software support, which ended for the Apple Watch Series 3 with WatchOS 8. It also lacks some of the bells and whistles of later models, such as more advanced fitness tracking functions. Still, if you can live with that and you just want a solid and budget-friendly Apple Watch, this is a great dealft. You can score this new-in-box Apple Watch Series 3 for just $149 from Walmart right now, saving you 50 bucks. This could be your last chance, too, with rumors suggesting that Apple plans to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3 this year.

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