Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Walmart has a 14-inch Windows laptop for $99 right now (seriously)


Gateway 14-inch Laptop in many color configurations.

If you’re looking for great laptop deals for school or work, finding something that balances cost and performance can often be hard. While the Gateway Ultraslim Notebook isn’t anything fancy, it still has some nice specifications while only costing a shockingly low $99 at Walmart, down from $230, which is cheaper than some tablets.

Why you should buy the Gateway 14.1-inch Ultra Slim Notebook

One of the big selling points of the Gateway Notebook is the 14.1-inch screen, which runs at 1080p and gives a lot of screen real estate to work with for such a budget price. While the 4GB of memory isn’t necessarily going to let you run a ton of windows, the extra screen space means you don’t have to scrunch things together. Instead, you get a larger keyboard, which is surprisingly great to use for such a budget device, and a rather large touchpad to work with if you don’t want to be lugging a mouse around. There’s also the potential of using one of these monitors deals as a secondary screen at home if you want a bit more room to work with, and that should work pretty well with the notebook.

Of course, you aren’t going to get a ton of gaming going since you only get the Intel Celeron N4020 CPU, which is about enough to get the majority of productivity apps running smoothly, as well as for general use like browsing the web or watching shows online. Battery life is also pretty good, up to roughly eight hours, and you get some nice features like a MicroSD card slot, a USB-C port, and a USB-A port for peripherals. Unfortunately, it does have slightly low storage at 64GB, so we’d encourage grabbing one of these external hard drive deals to help supplement it and for backup.

Overall, the Gateway 14.1-inch Ultra Slim Notebook isn’t going to turn any heads, but as a budget laptop, it does its job, and we can’t ask more from it than that, especially since you can pick it up at Walmart for the reduced price of $99 which, again, is shockingly low. That said, if you want something a bit more versatile, it might be worth looking at these Chromebook deals at the same price range.

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