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PaleBlue USB-C batteries review

We rarely review an old standard around here at Android Guys. Like, AA and AAA batteries have been around for ages. Even rechargeable options of those have been around for decades. So, I was surprised to discover that a new generation of reusable batteries leveraging USB-C has just come to market.

PaleBlue has been around for a couple of years and started with micro-USB-powered AA and AAA batteries for home use. The company has just launched its latest USB-C editions and we’ve been testing them for about a month I’m not buying any other batteries moving forward.

Dead simple, not dead batteries

It takes zero time to adapt to PaleBlue’s system. The box includes a 4-way splitter to charge the entire pack of batteries and that’s pretty much it. Afterward, you simply use them as you would any battery.

Once they are drained, you simply recharge again via the adapters. No additional docking station like traditional rechargeable batteries. While the included split adapter is nice, even that’s not necessary. Any common USB-C cable can be used to refuel the cells in the PaleBlue batteries.

PaleBlue has also thought of aesthetics. While charging you get a nice LED indicator. The top of the batteries just above the USB-C port will pulse green until recharged. Once refueled the light will turn off.

You won’t miss the old days

I’ve been using the PaleBlue in both AA and AAA varieties for the last month. I’ve found no visible differences between these units and standard batteries. The size and form are identical to other options.

One key difference I have found is that these are even closer in size to non-rechargeable batteries than the common rechargeable options. I’ve found over the years that most of the available rechargeable batteries from Amazon, Energizer, and Duracell tend to be a few millimeters larger than standard ones.

This slight bulk leads to issues with many electronics in the home. Compact devices like a wireless mouse or some streaming remotes can be a pain or won’t even fit rechargeable batteries. I’m happy to report this has not been an issue with the PaleBlue AA or AAA units.

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I’ve been overly impressed with PaleBlue and the USB-C batteries I received. From the slim design to the universal charging mechanism, this is the simplest way to get solid rechargeable batteries. You really can’t go wrong.

Pricing for the PaleBlue USB-C starts at $25 for a four-pack of the AAA and $30 for the same count in AA variants. If you want to go all in, you can even purchase the Sustainability kit or the Full Home Conversion kit for sizeable discounts. The company also offers other less popular battery types like C, D, and 9-volt.