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Get Yourself Ready For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! If you haven’t got any ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving yet, don’t just ignore this event or follow the tradition in a repeated and boring way. There are lots of fun activities you can do. Follow this article, and get yourself ready for Thanksgiving!

Tradition Celebration Ways

Following the traditions doesn’t mean it will be boring and repetitive. In fact, there are many fun traditions for Thanksgiving celebrations, for example, enjoying a time of food, friends, and family, and wishing for good luck. 

1. Have A Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

Gathering together to have a Thanksgiving meal makes Thanksgiving Day complete. There are many special cuisines that are just for Thanksgiving Day like a roasted turkey, baked or mashed potatoes, apple pie, and brussels sprouts with cranberry sauce. 

Besides gathering around to eat, preparing dishes together is also a fun part of Thanksgiving meals. No Thanksgiving meal would be perfect without roasted turkeys, and just imagine how fun it would be for a whole family to prepare them together! In the whole process such as stuffing, seasoning, and roasting, families always talk and laugh a lot when cooking together, and this makes the atmosphere of the festival getting more interesting. That is also one of the moments when “thanksgiving” becomes more meaningful. 

2. Watch The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Last year’s Thanksgiving Day in New York City, there were thousands of people in Manhattan standing in lines in the street to watch this parade. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is now one of the best-known holiday traditions in the United States. 

This year, Macy’s also has an online Thanksgiving parade on its official website. The live streaming will start on Thursday, November 24th, and will last for 3 hours from 9 AM to noon that day – which makes it the best time of the year to shop there because of the deals and promotions Macy’s is going to release. Before you start shopping, consumer expert Natalie Warb also suggests that you “Look for coupons on sites such as CouponBirds, which has organized the coupons of the big brands and retailers all on one page to make it easier to find a deal for what you need to buy.”

3. Break The Wishbone For Good Luck

A wishbone is a part of the bone located between the neck and the breast of a bird. It is also called furcula because it is oddly shaped like a fork and seems like a fusion of two clavicle bones. This is a tradition first created by the ancient Romans, as they are the first ones to see this part of bone and regard it as a symbol of luck, and eventually, it becomes a tradition of breaking it apart to gain good luck. When snapping a wishbone while making a wish, the person who holds the longer piece of the wishbone will have better luck. If the bone cracks in an even way, both of their wishes will come true. However, it is a good symbol all around on Thanksgiving Day, as families and friends will gather around to break their “wishbones” when they are dealing with the turkeys. Just break your wishbone and everyone will have good luck!

Non-traditional Celebration Ways

If you are away from home or there are other reasons that you can’t be together with your family and your friends, there are also non-traditional ways of celebrating Thanksgiving and getting away from loneliness. 

1. Have A Mini Thanksgiving Meal

Mini-cooking vlogs and ASMRs are going viral recently. Why not try it in your Thanksgiving meal? Roast a quail, get some baby potatoes mashed, or bake pumpkin pies in a cupcake mold or muffin tin! If you are alone and don’t intend to waste a lot of dishes, nor want to miss the atmosphere of Thanksgiving, a mini Thanksgiving meal would definitely be a good choice. The process might be more complicated compared to doing it with a whole family, but the joy would also increase!

2. Throw A Cocktail Party

Instead of a big meal, a cocktail party would also be a good choice to spend your Thanksgiving Day. Imagine having an enjoyable get-together event but focusing on drinks, not food. It will greatly reduce the time of preparation. Too many carbs and pies will be history, and a party with drinks will be easier to clean up afterward!

3. Take A Trip

Since Thanksgiving Day is always on Thursday, why not take a trip and have a great rest on the upcoming Friday and weekends? Many restaurants and hotels provide special offers and discounts during the Thanksgiving holiday. What would be better to leave everything behind and take your family to enjoy the great scenes out of town, and end your day in a comfortable hot tub?

Don’t Limit Your Fun!

These are tips just for your reference. Thanksgiving is always a great festival to express your thankful thoughts and enjoy a good time. Just pick your favorite idea to spend this day, and keep the guilt and sadness outside your door. All in all, don’t forget to have fun!

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