Sunday, May 26, 2024

Get a SanDisk Extreme Pro 4TB SSD for a ridiculous price today


Here’s an insane Cyber Monday deal that perhaps doesn’t look like that much of a deal at first glance, given that we’re talking about a $350 hard drive. But look a little closer and you’ll see that B&H Photo has this on sale for something like 65 percent off.

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That’s still a chunk of change, but those who know, know. This is the sort of SSD that’s a lifesaver if you’re often moving around large chunks of data, like photos or video, from one place to another. And if you’re in the photo or video business, that’s you. It’ll significantly speed up your Lightroom or Premiere Pro workflow for a few reasons.

First off, it’s an SSD. That means its read/write speeds are going to be much faster than a platter-based spinning hard drive. (We’re talking four or five times faster.) Just be sure to either use the included USB-C cable or something rated for USB 3.2 “Superspeed.” If you just grab any old USB-C cable you have lying around, you’re probably going to be wondering what’s broken. (I speak from experience; that works great for me.)


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It’s also super-portable — a decent amount smaller than a deck of cards. And if you really want to get snazzy, you can use the built-in carabiner hook. Or just slip it in your pocket. Your call. There’s also a decent amount of ruggedness built into this SSD, with an aluminum chassis and IP55 protection against dust and water.

If you make any money off taking photos or shooting video, this little SSD is a lifesaver. As soon as I’m back from a shoot it’s the first place I put my pics after moving them off the SD card. Redundancy is key, and you’ll get much more into the habit of backing things up from the start if it doesn’t take all day to do so.

And having a whopping 4 terabytes of storage at your disposal means you’ll be able to keep all those precious files on hand — and on a speedy platform — much longer before having to clean things off.

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