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This 27-inch gaming monitor from Asus is only $200 at Walmart today


The ASUS TUF 27-inch gaming monitor against a white background.

It’s never a bad time to search through the best gaming deals, and right now one of the best gaming monitor deals is worth taking a look at. Walmart has discounted the Asus 27-inch gaming monitor an impressive $100, bringing its price down to just $199 from its regular price of $299. This would pair nicely with one of the best gaming desktops, and free shipping is included with your purchase, so click over to Walmart now to claim this deal while you can.

Why you should buy the Asus TUF 27-inch gaming monitor

Designed for professional gamers and others seeking immersive gameplay, the Asus 27-inch gaming monitor is the perfect choice for taking on some of the best PC games. It features Full HD resolution in an LED display, which delivers stunning visuals from just about anywhere in the room, as it also features wide viewing angles that ensure minimal distortion and color shift even when you’re not able to sit directly in front of the monitor. This also makes it a great option for hosting friends, and for taking on the best multiplayer games on PC together.

Like all of the best gaming monitors, the Asus 27-inch gaming monitor has a high refresh rate. While most gaming monitors come in at 60Hz, this monitor has a refresh rate of up to 165Hz. When you combine that with FreeSync Premium technology, the Asus 27-inch gaming monitor allows you to take on even the fastest-paced gaming adventures without lag, image tearing, or choppy playback due to low frame rates. This puts the gaming experience right at the forefront, allowing you to play at the highest visual settings and react instantly to what’s taking place onscreen. The Asus 27-inch monitor is perfect for PC gaming, as it features numerous connectivity ports and supports both Adaptive-Sync with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards and FreeSync with AMD Radeon graphics cards.

While the Asus 27-inch gaming monitor typically costs $299, right now it’s just $199 at Walmart. That’s a savings of $100, which you can throw at some of the best gaming PC deals taking place right now, and free shipping is included with your purchase.

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