Sunday, December 10, 2023

Nvidia RTX 4080 is almost here — with wildly varying prices


Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4080 16GB GPU is set to release on November 16, but some retailers have already started listing the card online. Including releases from Nvidia itself, as well as many of its board partners, these listings give us some insight into how the card is going to be priced upon release.

Nvidia’s recommended price holds up when it comes to some retailers and some models, but don’t get too excited — that’s not true across the whole range of the RTX 4080 GPUs. In fact, in some cases, the prices vary so wildly that you might as well buy an RTX 4090 instead.


It’s still early days, but plenty of different versions of the RTX 4080 16GB are now online, and some of them already come with price tags attached. Nvidia’s suggested retail price was set to $1,199 in the U.S. and 1,269 British pounds in the U.K. There are some custom designs that stay close to those prices, but a lot of the time, the GPUs are already much more expensive.

In the U.S., things are looking good so far. You might be able to snag an at MSRP when the sales open. This is not the fastest version of the card, though, and it comes with a maximum boost clock of 2.5GHz. Of course, there will be other, better versions of the GPU that will have matching price tags.

Unfortunately, just because a card is for sale at MSRP doesn’t mean that many PC builders will be able to grab one at that price. Despite the fact that the RTX 4090 is overpriced, it still sold out almost immediately, giving us a very unwelcome throwback to the days of the GPU shortage. It’s likely that the first batch of the RTX 4080 will sell out quickly too, and it might later reappear for sale at higher prices due to the influence of scalpers.

TechPowerUp spotted some of the GPUs at a Danish retailer, ProShop. The store has a pretty wide range of cards, including models from MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, and Inno3D. These prices are much less encouraging than the PNY card on Newegg, ranging between $1,626 and a whopping $1,946.

In the U.K., some of the cards can be found at Laptops Direct. Three Palit GameRock GeForce RTX 4080s are now listed, but the cheapest model costs 1,450 pounds, tacking on an extra 180 pounds on top of Nvidia’s MSRP. This was spotted by VideoCardz.

ProShop also operates in Finland (as well as several other countries), and the RTX 4080 prices over there are downright scary, but that’s because of the high value-added tax in Finland. The retailer listed an Inno3D RTX 4080 X3 for 1,620 euros, which is the cheapest option right now; the prices go up to 1,970 euros for the Asus ROG Strix OC model.


There’s good news in the U.S. as these cards are likely to be cheaper. However, some of the better custom models will likely still be painfully expensive.

If you shop for the RTX 4080 at some of these higher prices, you might want to look into picking up an RTX 4090 instead, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find that near the MSRP right now. has a couple of options, all above $2,000, and the MSRP-priced cards sold out in seconds.

The prices of this generation may not normalize for a while, and some of Nvidia’s and AMD’s best GPUs from the previous generation are now cheaper than ever.

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