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More status options coming to Twitter, including ‘don’t @ me’

Twitter’s Status feature might be shaping up to be kind of useful. That is, if its latest update ends up sticking around.

On Monday, Jane Manchun Wong tweeted an image of various status options that Twitter Status apparently now offers. While the image did include a few options that had already existed (such as “Spoiler Alert” and “Hot Take”), the image also shows that a number of new status options have appeared. And as Wong notes in her tweet, some of these new statuses include common Twitter slang phrases like “That’s it, that’s the Tweet,” and “Don’t @ me.”

Twitter got a new set of Statuses with more Twitter-y slangs like “Don’t @ me”, “Tweeting it into existence”, “That’s it, that’s the Tweet”, etc

The icons also look more 3D than the typical Twemojis https://t.co/yDCbD7Un6j pic.twitter.com/VXddKm2zK5

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) October 3, 2022

As it stands right now, Twitter Status appears to allow users to write tweets and then label them with a sort of category, such as the status options you see above in Wong’s tweet. Twitter users can also click on the tagged status labels to see a collection of other tweets on the bird app that contain the same phrases as the tagged status.

If Twitter allows those new tweet-speak status options to remain, it could make Status a bit more useful. After all, how many tweets do you see a day that feature those overused phrases and punchlines? It stands to reason that, with the new status options, people could just tag their tweets with those phrases instead of using up characters to type them out.

It is worth mentioning, though, that not everyone has access to Twitter Status. In July of this year, Twitter confirmed to TechCrunch then that Status’ availability would be limited in both duration and in the number of people who would have access to it. So while it still remains to be seen how this feature will turn out, it looks like including well-loved bird app phrases is a step in the right direction.