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Looking For A Job In Tech? Consider These Options


Technology has become part of everything from manufacturing to communications to product delivery to customer experience. Increased demand for IT experts and emerging technologies have created a conducive environment for future professionals. The tech workforce is expected to grow by double that of other industries on average by 2030 in America.

The average wage in the tech industry is also 125% higher than the national wage average in the United States. With so much growth potential, picking a career path may be confusing. However, you need to explore different jobs in the tech sector to find out what works best for you. Here are a few tech jobs you can consider.

Electrical engineer

Annual national average salary: $119,940

Blending technology with various engineering disciplines creates many job opportunities in cross-functional industries. Electrical engineers design and test electrical equipment and devices involving several IT devices, such as communication systems, navigation systems, sensors, etc. If you’re interested, you can consider enrolling in an online masters in electrical engineering with concentrations in computer engineering, micro-nano devices and systems, and communications and digital signal processing. You can gain a competitive edge in the job market while managing to do your job while continuing education side by side.

Software engineer

Annual national average salary: $93,959

The demand for software engineers has increased because of the increased role of programming and software development in every sector. These engineers code for computer programs, websites, software, and other applications. With a degree in software engineering, you can polish your programming skills and get a grip on different languages for a prolific career in tech.

Data scientist

Annual national average salary: $100,673

Data scientists interpret data and provide result-oriented insights. Their duties involve extracting data from multiple sources and generating reports in digestible formats. They create data cleaning tools to produce well-organized and high-quality data for decision-making and resolving problems. Data scientists possess a sound grip on statistical analysis, validation, and data processing to generate meaningful patterns.

Artificial Intelligence engineer

Annual National Average Salary: $109,591

AI engineers work on computer programming to create algorithms with cognitive simulation. Programming, data science and engineering, and software development are must-have skills for AI engineers. These tech professionals focus on advanced information processing and design robots and other devices capable of performing intelligence-related tasks.

Full-stack developer

Annual national average salary: $101,003

Full-stack developers create websites for clients. They are well-versed in front-end and back-end development of websites. They are responsible for designing and developing functional platforms for websites with databases and servers. Full-stack developers often do not require third-party solutions for website building.

Database developer

Annual national average salary: $98,121

Database developers design and develop databases that are stable and reliable. They are responsible for optimizing databases by modifying, maintaining, and repairing the systems to meet quality standards. Database developers generally collaborate with software developers, full-stack developers, web developers, etc., to develop the best solutions and thus are a crucial component of any tech team.

Development operations manager

Annual national average salary: $87,162

Development operations managers increase an organization’s revenue by optimizing tech and development-related processes. They create and implement operations policies, strategies, and procedures that make work easier and more productive. Other duties of development operations managers are maintaining the integrity of data and records and developing the operations budget.

Business Intelligence developer

Annual national average salary: $100,610

BI developers work on the development of reporting systems to collect accessible information for decision-making. They pick data sets and tools that can play a vital role in decision-making. Other duties may include generating up-to-date technical documents and evaluating and improving current business intelligence systems. They may also integrate systems in collaboration with other teams.

Front-end developer

Annual national average salary: $92,870

Front-end developers are web designers responsible for creating a website’s layout. These professionals determine the elements for the structure and design of the web pages and maintain the balance between functionality and aesthetics. In addition, they also test websites for cross-device compatibility and optimize web design accordingly.

Network security engineer

Annual national average salary: $103,151

Network security engineers provide, deploy, manage and configure different pieces of hardware and software network and security. They create and implement security strategies for new network fields, analyze records, and provide technical assistance for log aggregation system setup. These engineers also resolve networking issues and recommend solutions for security measures.

Web developer

Annual national average salary: $67,878

Web developers design and develop web pages using various programming languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc. Web developers consider all the technical aspects like loading speed, responsive design, cross-device compatibility, and user functionality while designing a website. They are responsible for designing web pages that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Application analyst

Annual National average salary: $79,251

Application analysts play their role in maintaining the infrastructure of the companies. They consult management and collaborate with IT teams to determine the company’s needs. Depending on the collected information, they design and develop applications to meet the company’s demands. Application analysts are typically involved in technical support for testing, designing, and developing applications and functional design of documents.

IT security specialist

Annual national average salary: $70,853

IT security specialists ensure the safe storage of information while monitoring computer systems. They are responsible for adopting and implementing effective cybersecurity techniques to protect files, servers, systems, software, and applications. Common techniques include data encryption during sharing, enabling firewalls, and multiple-factor authentication. They have an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity and can take measures to safeguard computer systems from potential threats. 

UI designer

Annual national average salary: $85,397

User interface designers ensure users interact with products as intended by working with other IT specialists and designers. They design and develop interactive programs to enhance user functionality for a particular product. In addition, they also deliver usable and accessible code to users to achieve their goals in no time.


You can start a successful career in the tech industry by considering one of the abovementioned careers. Make sure what you choose to become aligns with your interests and professional goals. Tech jobs not only have high earning potential, but you can also work in various industries. So you’re sure to find a niche that piques your interest.

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