Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Grab a complete PC gaming bundle from Lenovo and save hundreds


For many folks, building a gaming PC from scratch can be rather daunting, which is why we’re happy to present you with this great gaming gear, from desktops to peripherals, to get you started. While there are a lot of deals out there you can put together for a gaming PC bundle, this one constitutes a great mid-range option across the board. However, we’ve also left you some other potential peripherals to look at in case you want some variety.


  • Basic Gaming Bundle — $90, was $145
  • Lenovo L29w-30 — $255, was $300
  • Legion Tower 7i — $1,650, was $2,330

Basic Gaming Bundle — $90, was $145

If you’re starting out on your gaming journey or just looking through gaming deals for some great peripherals, this bundle from Lenovo hooks you up with gear to get you started. For starters, you get the Lenovo Legion K500, a mid-range mechanical keyboard with red switches, which are lighter and have better tactile feedback, therefore perfect for gaming. Plus, the whole thing is backlight, which is always useful in the dark. In addition to that, you get the Legion M200 mouse, an mid-range gaming mouse with a max 2400 DPI, which works great if you’re into FPS games, and even has a couple of extra buttons on the side for additional actions, such as aim-down sights, plus the whole thing is backlit. Finally, you get a mousepad to use with the mouse to tie the whole bundle together, although if you want a few different options, it might be worth taking a look at our roundup of the best PC gaming accessories and best gaming mice.

Lenovo L29w-30 — $255, was $300

Productivity is important, and an ultrawide screen can help give you a leg up, especially if you’re doing editing work, and happily, that also works well for gaming. With a resolution of 2560 x 1080, a 21:9 aspect ratio, and an overall 29-inch size, it’s perfect for using it as a dual-screen setup, without losing a lot of quality in the process, especially given it can hit 99% of sRGB. Interestingly, it can also run at 90Hz, not something you tend to see with graphics-oriented monitors, which is why we like it as a gaming monitor, and the larger widescreen also helps with gaming, especially on FPS games. Of course, if you want something more gaming-specific, there are some great gaming monitor deals available to pick through.

Legion Tower 7i — $1,650, was $2,330

If you’re looking for great gaming PC deals, this Legion Tower 7i comes with a powerful Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card, which will let you run most modern games with high settings while pushing 2K resolutions and possibly 144Hz refresh rates, depending on the game. It also comes with a powerful 11th-gen Intel i7-11700K and 16GB of DDR4 3200MHz RAM, both of which will let you have a smooth experience, whether in gaming or productivity work, so you don’t have to feel as if it’s a one-trick PC. It also has a 1TB SSD, and this deal comes with three months of Xbox Game Pass to fill it with games.

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