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Common Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Website Traffic And How To Change It


You have started your own business and are waiting to start reaping the fruits of it. You have a few clients and friends buying your products, but it’s nowhere near what you hoped for. You have handed out pamphlets advertising your company and created a page on Facebook, but the results are still not satisfactory.

You see that at this rate your business won’t go far, and you decide to do what you knew was inevitable, but you’ve been putting it off – you start a website for your business, or if you already have one and haven’t dedicated enough attention to it until now, you decide to breathe new life into it. In the rest of the text, we talk about what might be the most common reasons why you are not receiving enough traffic and how you could change it.

You are not present on social networks

Do you have a Facebook page that is linked to the site? Maybe a Twitter account? If the answer is no, you need to do something to change that.

A large number of users of social networks is a potential source of clients. Depending on the type of work you do, you need to choose one or more social networks. The choice should depend on the content you plan to publish.

Why you shouldn’t ignore SEO

You may not see results overnight, but a strong content marketing strategy is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your site in the long term and artificially improve the ranking in search engine results. Google opposes this strategy today. While it’s still important to create content that’s well-optimized, Google’s increasingly delicate search algorithms recognize quality.

Shortcuts, such as keywords that are meant to outsmart Google’s algorithms and improve page rankings, become not only ineffective but can lead to your site being penalized by Google. In addition, if the content is of high quality, it is more likely to be shared, resulting in more backlinks to your site. Backlinks not only bring more organic traffic, but they also contribute to search engine rankings. That’s why you should always look for experts well acquainted with the job and the task at hand. For example, as Mike McKearin explains, professional WordPress SEO experts can increase the growth by over 400%, as the WordPress. The platform is perfect for SEO marketing, yet many claim to be professionals but lack the expertise and skills to uphold the task and actually pull through the job. A true professional will give you or suggest a comprehensive plan for improving your website. As WordPress is one of the most effective content management systems, be sure the person handling it knows what he’s doing.

Important SEO techniques for good positioning of your site

Although content is the most important item in the SEO business, it is not the only one that needs attention in order to improve business and achieve the results we desire. Below, read about a few additional SEO techniques that we highlight for you, which affect the overall rating of your site.

In addition to quality content, backlinks are responsible for the authority of your site. In other words, links to your site significantly affect your SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Based on the number of links leading to your site, the search engine creates a “picture” of the quality of the content you are marketing and accordingly places you on the relevance scale for the related keyword. The more sites that “recommend” you in this way (and primarily sites that have already have a well-established authority in themselves), the better you will rank in searches.

Link building is done in two ways – through PR announcements that contain a recommendation (link) to your site, and by registering in the company’s online database.

PR announcements

Articles that are published on other portals with a link to your site greatly increase the overall authority of your site. That’s why PR announcements are an integral part of activities within all SEM strategies, regardless of the business activity and even the very dynamics of the planned activities. In order to get a PR announcement, you need to establish contact with the desired portal, and then agree on the terms of the announcement itself. In those cases, agencies are at a greater advantage than individuals who do these activities independently because they are able to provide larger packages and therefore receive more favorable announcements from the portal. Also, a very important thing when choosing the portal on which you will place the text is that it be chosen in accordance with the topic but also written in the style of the chosen portal.

Also, one of the good SEO techniques that gives visible results is registration in different online directories of companies, from which you get a direct link to your site. This is a relatively easy technique to collect the above-mentioned links, but still, you should be careful with it because it is a slippery slope. There are good and bad directories where you can post your link. The good ones are the ones that can bring you significant authoritative points because they themselves have already built a high authority (like Yellow Pages and similar), while the bad ones are the ones that were created to be automated, and because of the random spam links they keep in their database, they are often found on search engine blacklists. This SEO technique must be carried out very carefully with good preparation beforehand, which includes research and analysis of potential bases where you would like to enter your site.

Your website looks bad

Did you save money on your website design? That’s great. How much did you save? Good web design is not cheap. Though it seemed like a good saving strategy at first, ask yourself this; how much does it cost to make a bad impression? Or someone gives up contacting you or working with you just because the site doesn’t look right. Whatever the case may be, make sure to provide a well-functioning, fully responsive website with a nice and appealing design. Think of it as more of an investment than simple spending, as the final result will generate more traffic, which also means more profit.

Share your website content again

You may have put a lot of effort into writing content for your website. However, when months go by and few people see them, you’ll need to put just as much effort into promoting them on your social media channels. You can always start promoting your website because your recent followers may have missed the content you posted a few weeks ago. Sharing available content is actually the easiest way. As we explained, link your site to several social media outlets and share as much as you can to grab the attention of your audience.

Build integrity

While there are many factors that make your content authentic, nothing should stand in the way of building integrity, which should be at the heart of your content creation efforts. Your brand can become more trustworthy if you focus on ethics and honesty. Your business can appear more original by providing ongoing value that aligns with the interests of your target audience. Remember, building trust is a slow process, but it can be destroyed in a matter of moments with a few wrong actions.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of regularly checking the website for problems and errors, and regularly maintaining the pages’ up-to-date and relevant. This should be carried out regularly so that your website is “healthy”, encourages continuous traffic growth, and strengthens your SEO and position in the Google rankings.

A well-maintained and attractive website is important for both large and small businesses to generate new and retain existing customers.

Just as your health can “fall apart” if you go too long without seeing your doctor regularly, so can the health of your website. For this reason, regular monitoring of website operations is necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

With over 4 billion internet visitors worldwide, creating good content for your website is a huge opportunity that you should not miss if you want to drive traffic to your website. The sooner you adopt this method, the more traffic you will get.

Table of contents

  • You are not present on social networks
  • Why you shouldn’t ignore SEO
  • Important SEO techniques for good positioning of your site
  • Link Building
  • PR announcements
  • Online database of companies or links
  • Your website looks bad
  • Share your website content again
  • Build integrity
  • What is website maintenance?

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