Monday, December 4, 2023

Apple Begins Selling Belkin Mount for Using an iPhone as a Mac’s Webcam


macOS Ventura has a new Continuity Camera feature that allows an iPhone to be used as a Mac’s webcam. Ahead of the public release of macOS Ventura next week, Apple has started selling Belkin’s new iPhone mount designed for use with Continuity Camera.

Priced at $29.95 on Apple’s online store, the mount attaches to the iPhone with MagSafe and can then be affixed to the top lid of a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for use with Continuity Camera. When not connected to a Mac, the mount doubles as a kickstand for the iPhone with a built-in ring for easy gripping, similar to PopSockets.

Available in black or white, the mount attaches to a Mac with no special tools required and allows the iPhone to be used in portrait or landscape orientations. The mount can be purchased from Apple’s online store and at select Apple retail stores worldwide.

Belkin says a version of the mount for Mac desktops and Apple displays will be coming soon.Related Roundup: macOS VenturaTag: BelkinRelated Forum: macOS Ventura
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